Outdoor Art Show Preparation (or peril)

So I was beginning to think I was getting pretty good about preparing for most things at an outdoor art show. I came with my full trunk of necessary materials. 50 pound pvc weights and rope-check. Modern, interesting but HEAVY displays that won’t blow away in most wind-check. Sidewalls in the event of rain-check. Earring cards in neat boxes to be put away quickly in the case of an emergency-check.

I thought I had seen it all before. I’d hung on to my tent as a gust of wind and rain came in sideways out of nowhere like a freight train almost. I’d learned from that experience to get those tents down to the ground as quick as you can.

I’d seen my earring cards fly all over the street and gone chasing after them. I learned from that to always have them clipped down in neat boxes.

I’ve seen my jewelry busts go flopping over on a perfectly sunny day just because a breeze got a little too heavy (multiple annoying times a day) and created weightier and probably even more interesting displays.

We’d learned how to watch the weather reports on the blackberry and being to pack up even before the sky turned gray.

I’ve been drenched, baked in 90 degree heat, hung unto a flying sail of a tent, packed up as tornado sirens roared….but this one took the cake:
Guess what’s under this tree?

Yeah, it’s our car. Now fini’ The unibody damage probably makes it a goner.

3 Responses

  1. just when you think you are prepared for a stormy show this happens. all i can say is i am glad to hear you and jamie were not in or near the car!

    on that note i’m in the lakewood art festival. please stay home. i love you, but stay home until we figure out a way to lift this curse!!!

  2. also the same thing has happened to boss lady deb’s best friend. you are the 6th person she knows this has happened to. maybe i should resign before i’m next.

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