More than Water Under the Bridge

Today I went through my photos from Ingenuity underneath the Detroit Veterans Memorial Bridge, and I was quite pleased with the results. I like to think I have a unique (or perhaps odd!) way of looking at things. While most people were obsessed with the waterfall, which I will admit was truly lovely, I was all about finding strange little nooks and crannies and exploring the textures and lighting. That all being said, I’ll have more than two dozen new photos for the upcoming holiday art shows.
(Needless to say, they’re all for sale, watermarks of course will not be included on the actual photo!)

Here’s a few highlights:


Fall Foodie Party 2010

I happen to think cooking (and eating!) is an art, so this year my husband and I hosted our first seasonal foodie party. I extended an invitation to friends to join us in a food tasting party and competition, and limited the party to the first half dozen or so responses. Guests were asked to bring their favorite fall small plate food as well as enough copies of their recipe for all the attendees.

We kicked the evening off with wine and and seasonal fall brews as the guests arrived.

As the platters started to fill up the counter we noticed a surprising trend. While you might think of turkey, cranberry, pumpkin, apples and squash as popular fall fare, apparently in our group of friends bacon reigns supreme! A few dishes included bacon wrapped pears with cheese, bacon wrapped dates, and potatoes gratin with bacon. I created sandwiches with applewood smoked bacon, granny smith apples, sharp cheddar, sauteed onions and appleslaw. We also had zucchini pancakes with zippy horseradish dip, roasted butternut squash bisque, acorn squash soup, and prosciutto wrapped pears.

Everyone ate and socialized, and once they were all full, they took the time to cast their votes. Points were scored for originality, appearance, and taste.

The bacon wrapped pears, and prosciutto wrapped pears fared well in the tasting competition but the overall winner were amazing chocolate covered coconut candies with a special kick from habanero chocolate drops!
We talked, we laughed, we told bad jokes, and also went through many bottles of wine.

Then, sufficiently satiated, we took the party outside where Nick, our favorite pyromaniac got the bonfire going.