Thanking the Troops, and funny things kids do

So a few weeks ago I asked my students to write and decorate cards to send to the troops. Their directions were that they could pretty much write anything they wanted, but of course I had to tell them to keep the pictures relatively happy. (Otherwise, you know those little guys would have been drawing tanks, bombs, and otherwise flying appendages…saying “hooray GI Joe”) Since we didn’t know specifically who the cards would be going to, I asked the kids to just write their cards to anyone in general, and not someone specific they might know in the military.

It wasn’t until later when one of the kids asked me “How do you spell General?” That I noticed a few of the cards with the greeting….”Dear General” Needless to say, I had to turn my head and hide the giggle. You can’t ever be specific enough with a Second Grader.

If you want to be like my class and send a card to a soldier “in general” visit the link below!
Let's Say Thanks