MOCA Winter/Spring 2011 Opening

I am super excited about the new installations that will be opening up at MOCA, Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art for the 2011 Winter and Spring seasons. I dropped off some work recently to the museum shop and I managed to get a sneak peek at the Blind Landscape exhibit by Teresita Fernández. Her large sculptures and wall installations are breathtakingly beautiful and the stainless steel and graphite were striking in contrast to the stark white walls of MOCA.

There will also be, what no doubt will be a thought-provoking and moving film by Javier Téllez, Letter on the Blind, for the Use of Those Who See. The filmmaker documented the experiences of six blind people as they touched and interacted with an elephant. Imagine the perceptions without the use of sight.

Also on display will be Passive Voices by Lori Ott, with resins and found objects combining.

The opening takes place on Friday, January 28 and is totally free.


Valerie Tyler’s Mixed Metals Collection is now at MOCA

I have some exciting new to share. You can now find my mixed metal jewelry at MOCA, the Cleveland Contemporary Museum of Art. I recently dropped off a large collection of pieces, and they will be available for purchase in the gift shop.
Here’s just a few items available as of this posting:

The Truth About Art Fair Applications

I adore these videos made through xtranormal. Now that the holiday show season is winding down and it’s time to start thinking about applying to the 2011 art shows, and to create work to show art juries I thought this video was all too appropriate. It’s scary that there’s quite a few all-too-familiar elements in this video!

New Year’s Resolution: Buy Handmade

Have you resolved to buy more handmade or local items this year? Here’s re-visiting a video with a few others sharing why they buy handmade