Change is…good?

This month I volunteered to take part in the Etsy Chattymetalsmiths blog rollcall, carnival, theme, challenge or whatever it ends up being called.
This months theme is : “Change – how do you deal with it?”

I originally was thinking; How do I handle change?….not well. The more I thought about it though, that was only because I’ve gone through so much in a little over ten years. When my father passed away I pretty much decided I detested change. It was too hard, too difficult, and for my type-a, highly organized self–too unpredictable and unplanned.

When I’m unprepared for it, and it’s not a good change, it can really send me in a tizzy. I practically have a nervous breakdown when I lose something even if it’s insignificant (just ask my poor husband who has countless times had to turn the house upside-down)

Though without change life would be boring, uninspiring, and like a pretty bad sitcom. With change it’s more of a highly exciting epic film, with deep, inspiring characters and breathtaking settings.

Change is what led me to my beloved husband, to a new home, to graduate school, to recognize my truly loyal old friends and to make new ones, and new endeavors I never thought possible. Change even led me to the creation of my business. It was never in the plans, it just evolved somehow, and it’s become a part of my identity I’m proud of.

How do I *really* handle change? I try to find whatever is positive in it and to grow from it, and use it to help me discover who I am, where I’m going and to help tell the story of life in general.

Since I hate to put up a post without pictures, I thought I’d also explore just a few years of change by looking through snapshots of how my art has grown through the years. Here’s the evolution of the art show booth over the last four years.

Want to see how others handle change?
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4 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I LOVE seeing photos on how your displays have evolved and changed throughout the years.

  2. Whoah!! Look at your growth!! I LOVE seeing pictures of your booth through the years!!! I loved your post!

  3. Your booth has really matured. It looks lovely. Change can bring lots of good things.

  4. Both your booth displays AND you jewelry just gets better and better….
    thank for sharing your thoughts…

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