A little bit of industry

I seriously need to order some raw sterling silver materials, but when I went online to order today *gasp!* Sterling silver was over $47 an ounce. Now this may not mean much to those of you that don’t dabble in directly buying commodities, but consider that in January it was $28, and I’ve purchased sheets of metal in the last few years for less than $19 an ounce!

Needless to say, there is going to be a bit of re-structuring the price scales of my work.

For those who aren’t particular about the preciousness of their metals, I do try to incorporate some alternative metals such as brass, and even sometimes nickel silver. These items are finding a home in my miscellanea shop. Recently listed are industrial leaves earrings, for $18 (They’d be well over $40 in all sterling silver)

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