Coordinating Bracelets and Earrings

I’ve just filled up part of the Miscellanea shop with a selection of coordinating bracelets and earrings. They’re pretty much one of a kind, and not something I do all that often so get them while they’re available!


Examining my Artist Statement

So I’m going to need to submit an artist statement for a show I am doing. I do have an artist statement from another event, but I really think I need to revamp it. For some reason I find it one of the most difficult things to write, and I’m actually a pretty good writer. I was always the person who could take two lines of facts and turn them into a twenty page story. So, what’s the issue?

I think it’s the personal introspection. How do I summarize my artistic inspirations? It’s difficult when they’re rather diverse, and I draw on various sources for what I create. Furthermore, I hate to pigeonhole myself as just a jewelry designer in my artist statement. I like to think of my artistic output as more than just that. (Of course, it would sound a little weird to have an artist statement for a jewelry show start rambling about photography, gardening or other things like home decor wouldn’t it?)

Secondly, a lot of artist statements really run the gamut. Some are such pieces of fluff, telling stories about the artists experience in growing up in some remote hippie village or something, or being raised by the world’s most famous crafter/builder/painter parent who inspired them to greatness. Furthermore, sometimes artist statements are confused and blended with biographies, stating awards, shows, and the education of the artist. I’ve got a list of shows, but I’ve been pretty lax about applying for awards, and I’m on the fence whether the whole “self-taught” artist thing is something to share. I mean, I think it’s pretty darn incredible to have played with metal, read every book I could get my hands on, and teach myself a few of personal tricks about metal. In some circles though, I think some artists who have spent years in training wouldn’t bee too keen on that. (Not, that didn’t spend years in college, just in a few other fields!)

I guess I’ll have to keep pondering how to summarize my artistic existence, as I’m out running, doing errands, working on projects, and otherwise distract myself from daily life. I’m also going to have to ponder how I take all the inspirations like below, combine elements from them, twist them around in my head and turn them into art.