An experiment in suburban gardening

I live near the national park.  We have gorgeous Spruce and Cedar trees where we live, that are absolutely lovely.  We also have lots of wildlife that sometimes comes to visit.  I’ve seen plenty of deer, an occasional raccoon and even a fox trot through the back yard.  Of course these things mean a traditional garden in the back yard is a bit difficult.  There’s an awful lot of shade and anything that grew would most likely be eaten by critters.  I had an aha! moment after reading an article on urban gardening this fall though.  If New Yorkers could grow gardens on roof top patios, why couldn’t I on my little second level deck outside of our bedroom and office.  It would have a lot more sun, and basically be critter proof!

So several planters, seedlings, and bags of organic dirt dragged up an entire flight of stairs later I had a garden.  Now I know, expert gardeners will say I have way too many plants, and they’re way too close together.  We basically bought enough plants for a small farm I think!  But, this really was just an experiment.   Live and learn.  I’m not sure I expected them to actually grow as well and as big as they did!

It looks like we will have a nice little crop of plants to enjoy in a few months.

Definitely need more, and bigger planters next year.  The plan is to put hanging baskets all the way around as well.

A cayenne pepper, the first vegetable of the summer is on it’s way!

We had a little visitor.  Correct me if wrong, but I believe it’s a katydid.  Hopefully it keeps the munching to a minimum.

We’re going to have a ton of tomatoes.  Pasta anyone?