Closet Craft Storage

Hooray!  My husband finally got around to adding some shelving to the closet in my studio room.  Now I’ve got a much more organized arts and crafts storage space, that’s a bit functional too.  It holds my packing and shipping center, my crafts bins, my Miscellanea jewelery inventory and all sorts of other goodies.

Hooray for lots of extra, organized storage space!

The packing center is all neat and spiffy, and there’s room to pack items right on the shelf!

Artists and crafters need to dabble in other mediums once and awhile right? (Or do we just hoard lots of cool stuff?)

While my jewelry that travels to art shows is in portable trays in my rolling case, my Miscellanea jewelry is spread out easy to see in pretty trays!

The best part is, when I don’t want to look at it all I can just go ahead and close the closet doors!

Interested in sharing your craft or  studio space photos on Art Addict?  Let me know on my submissions and collaboration page!


3 Responses

  1. Yeah for organizing! Love it! It looks great.
    I have those same pretty trays for my jewels too!

  2. Let me guess, you totally have the animal print one, right? 🙂
    (I love how stackable they are, and the fabric makes me happier than some of my plastic ones)

  3. wow, you really are organized! I found you as I was searching for tips to GET myself organized (I’m new to crafting and I have so many interests that they are overrunning my house). Because of my searching, I’ve started a link party that will only run 4 wks but focuses on craft organizing (from rooms to drawers). I would LOVE it if you would post this page on my link party!

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