It’s Pin Day!

Since I recently shared the site Pinterest with you, I also wanted to share my most recent pin additions to my Miscellanea shop!

Each pin measures 2″ long and features a whimsical charm. I can also customize these to say just about anything.
Each $20, at Miscellanea


Props for Pinterest – How and Why to Use it

Have you joined Pinterest?
If not, go request an invitation and start pinning away!
I’m always intrigued by the buzz around social media sites, and being an online entrepreneur (and media addict) it doesn’t take me too long to poke around and see if they’re worth joining.

What is Pinterest you may ask?

It’s basically a online or virtual photo album that lets you categorize all the beautiful photos and links you find on the web. You can discover photos through contacts and keyword searches. It’s easy to use, and an incredible organizational tool, as well as great eye candy.

How do you use it?

You can get a friend to invite you or go to Pinterest and request an invite. I signed up with my twitter account, and you can also sign up with your facebook account. Set up your account, and add a bio photo and any other information you’d like to share. Then you’re ready to go! The easiest way to pin is to add the “pin-it” button to your tool bar and then anytime you find something you like on the web that you want to share, keep track of or remember you just click that button. Then you can organize the photos into whatever categories you like.

How is it useful?

There are so many ways to use Pinterest. Some people use it to share photos of their artwork or products (Though it’s urged that you do so minimally and respectfully) Others keep track of photos of dishes and recipes they want to create, DIY and art projects they want to complete, home decorating ideas, photos of fashion and style inspiration, organizational ideas, and travel photos. The possibilities are practically endless as Pinterest lets you create your own board categories and you can organize photos however you like. In addition, each photo links to the original source allowing you to re-visit web-sites where they were found, much like a visual bookmark system.
A few things I’ve used Pinterest for include keeping track of and sharing some healthy dishes as well as pinning a few of my favorite cosmetic products to keep track of where to buy them, and to let others know how great they are.

What’s the social side of it?
You can connect with your facebook and twitter contacts and follow their pin boards. You can also search and find people who have similar interests to yours and keep an eye on their pins. Pinterest lets photos be repinned, so even if you’re not out searching the web you can still find a lot of things that interest you just through looking through the boards alone.
Feel free to take a peek at my Pinterest boards, and I may just follow you back as well!
Happy Pinning!