Halloween Hiatus

Four years running we have thrown a mega halloween party (and by mega, I mean of epic proportions)  I usually picked a theme in January, planned for months and even started decorating in August.  Each year had a coordinated theme.

Year 1: Gothic Gathering

Year 2: Roaring Twenties Murder Mystery Party (I even put bullet hole stickers on the wall, and cement blocks on the front porch!)

Year 3:  Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) We actually held this on the correct date after Halloween.  So of course it snowed, making the bonfire a little difficult. We decorated sugar skulls and created an actual ofrenda for the event and I spent hours cutting those detailed flags.  (why I didn’t just buy some, I’ll never know)

Year 4:  Haunted Mansion (Yep, a lot like the ride.  Talking statues, damask wallpaper, lots of purple and black, candles everywhere!)

I think I’ve always loved throwing the parties because they offer such an opportunity to be artistic.  I created sculptures, paintings, even handmade “wall paper”.  The parties were a chance to get creative with food, artistic with decor and tablescapes.  Below is an example of the candy table I made for the Haunted Mansion party.  Keeping the black and purple color theme made it very elegant and victorian. Image


Sad to say though, I’m taking a break from the major party planning this year.  I put out a few of the small decorations and am debating bugging my husband to get a few of my favorite animated statues out of the attic. I’m just pretty burnt out.  I’ve gotten to be super creative with my jewelry business though and think I’m focusing my efforts on that.  I will say, I think the party planning this year will be focused on throwing one heck of a holiday party instead before all the art shows kick in.