Radio Station Visit: The Ravers Edge Show

So last weekend, Jamie did his first Summer Residency visit at WRUW 91.1 for the Ravers Edge Show.  Of course we had to fly there right after the artwalk at Beachcliff (more on that in a later post)  Throughout the summer Adam (DJ AxelFiel)  is hosting four different DJs with four different styles, to give a sort of musical education.  Jamie of course, has been called on to represent good old techno music. He spent part of his time showing off tunes from the record label “get physical” and the rest doing as he said “whatever the h— I want”

Of course never content to just sit around and listen I bopped around the studio taking pictures of things.  (Jamie, as you can imagine was not happy with that) The result however is that you get to take a peek into the studio.

All of the sets this summer are being recorded so you can listen to them on podcast.  (Jamies was June 27, 2009) Just click on the “view playlists” link for the date you want at The Ravers Edge. jamie

Jamie Tyler, Djing, Doesn’t he look happy to have me take his photo?jamie2

Discussing record selections


Just because, well, it WAS the Ravers Edge Show.

adamAdam, On Air

2usLeft to Right:  Myself and Laura


Marius Watz: Electroplastiques


It’s not every day that you have a chance to experience the work of a renowned artist for free, but when there is that chance you certainly do not want to miss out. Marius Watz, an artist who creates computer generated art is a participating 2008 Artist in Residence at the University of Akron. As part of his residency the following events are open to the public:

Electroplastiques, 3/24/08-4/23/08

Emily Davis Gallery, Folk Hall

Myers School of Art

Public Lecture, Folk Hall Auditorium 3/24/08

Light Up the Night 3/25/07-3/28/07

The outside walls of E.J. Thomas hall will come to life with projected images

3/27/08 E.J. Mix

And lastly check out the big party, following a discussion about “animated life in real and virtual worlds” on March 27 at 7:00 p.m. he will present his work in a free performance along with the DJ performance of the following tek-know artists, who will perform on a 30,000 watt soundsystem:
Truckstop Tourist

There will be refreshments and a cash bar, while you enjoy the live performances along with the stunning visual projections from Marius Watz on the walls of E.J. Thomas Hall.

Check out information from the University of Akron for more details.

The Hidden Skills of American Idols; Their Secret Star Quality

American Idols have such a buzz about them, and everyone loves to guess and surmise who will get through and why.  Who has the best “pipes”, to use a word from judge Randy?  Who doesn’t sing like they’re on a “cruise ship”, as Simon might say? Lastly, as Paula might say who is “colorful”?  It’s usually evident from the get go, exactly who can sing well and who is a little weaker.  However, there is a lot more to the making of a star than just singing ability, and the greatest singer does not always become the number one idol.   Let’s consider the qualities of American Idol contestants not clearly evident upon the stage that really boost them into the winner’s spot.

Those with prior band performance experience have an edge.  Think about it.  Those who do not have experience usually just goes with however the piece is already arranged and have no idea what to do with it.  They end up “not making it their own” as the judges claim, as they have no idea exactly how to.  They may end up singing it in the wrong key, as they’re not sure how to change the key.  Those who have experience know how to tell a band to change the arrangement. They know how to experiment with the key of a song until all weaknesses in their vocal range are hidden, and the best parts exposed.

Those with a sense of style still can boost their ratings.    Every now and then let’s face it, when the contestants look like weirdos it doesn’t help them much.  While Sanjayas’ hair last year may have gotten him some exposure, it didn’t boost him into the winners circle.  Those that can maintain their own sense of style, yet let wardrobe and makeup accent it catch the attraction of the public.  They need to have a balance.  I’m sure at times wardrobe has some strange ideas, and at other times contestants really probably need to take some more cues from their stylists.  A contestant who gets style will come out ahead. Let’s face it, Americans are somewhat drawn to pretty people.  While it may not totally determine the final vote, it certainly helps it a smidge.

Those who have a finger on the pulse of musical taste come out ahead.   The judges really do have a point when they say music has to be relevant and modern.  It doesn’t matter how beautifully a person can sing, if they pick the most boring songs known to mankind and perform them as such, they eventually get booted from the competition.  It seems that they get through for awhile based on merit, but after the public ywans through a few more songs, talented or not, people get sick of hearing them.

Derek Plaslaiko @ Touch Supper Club 2/16/08

Yippee, hippy, hooray.  Back when we were throwing events DJ Derek Plaslaiko was on our “to book in Cleveland” list.  Of course, life took over and we got busy doing other things and never managed to do so.  Fast foward a few years and I decided to repeatedly bugged the Tek-know crew to book him.  (Of course, methinks he was already on their radar anyhow and my begging did little to persuade them, but I digress.)

If you don’t know who he is–look him up.  I think I was hooked on his music when we heard him at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2004 I believe?  Anyhow, mark the date on your calendar if you like some serious dance music.  Prepare to wear some comfy shoes and get down to creative and energetic beats.

On a personal note: I publicly thank Paul of Tek-know for this booking.  You rock!

Here’s the details that were posted at


Sat Feb 16 2008

For the next installment of Tek-Know @ Touch we’re finally answering your calls. One of the most respected techno acts coming from the US

Derek Plaslakio [Detroit / NYC]
Ghostly International, Wolf + Lamb

Some people filter through the record bins, taking what are on the wall or record store employee suggestions. Then there are people who dig deeper into the dusty crates, and absorb music like a sponge; ignoring labels, bucking trends and are forever on a quest to find the perfect record. The ones that make the staunchest of chin stroking, note taking trainspotters lose their shit on the dancefloor, hanging on every record from one to the next.

Derek Plaslaiko unquestionably falls into the latter category. As a teen equally transfixed by Mojo and Wizard cassettes and Minor Threat 7”s, Plaslaiko followed the beats from his hometown 20 miles south of Detroit to the epicenter of Detroit techno, then enjoying its third wave of success. He quietly paid his dues on Detroit’s rave circuit, and was a crucial piece of the puzzle for the legendary Poorboy and Analog parties of the mid-nineties. He quickly earned a reputation for forward thinking DJ sets that were clinical, sophisticated and extremely sensual. This combination resulted in a residency for Family, the weekly party at Detroit’s legendary Motor.

With a reputation for high energy sets that were versatile and tasteful, Plaslaiko slowly became in demand on the Midwestern club circuit; sharing the stage with such techno luminares as John Acquaviva, Kevin Saunderson, Richardo Villalobos, Baby Ford, and Matthew Herbert. It was also during that time Plaslaiko was asked by Carl Craig to perform at the inaugural edition of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

In 2003, Plaslaiko became part of the original team of DJs at Detroit’s Untitled parties, sharing a residency with Tadd Mullinix (aka James T. Cotton), Matthew Dear and Mike Servito. In 2004 he made the decision to head east and set up camp in New York City, determined to bring a slice of the Motor City to the Big Apple.

Currently, Derek is one of the resident DJs at the Bunker (Subtonic) in NYC, as well as an integral part of the Wolf + Lamb monthly parties. Most recently, he was honored in the Village Voice 2006 “Best Of” poll as New York’s Best Techno DJ.

Sets are available here ->

Local support from
Jamie Tyler [Tek-Know | Cleveland]
Funk Detective [Tek-Know | Cleveland]

and more TBA!


Grandmaster Flash @ Ingenuity

Wow…that was fun! I was surprised at the level of excitement for Grandmaster Flash @ Ingenuity. Started off with tons of energy and the crowd was pumped. It definitely wasn’t groundbreaking in my opinion, but it was really fun to see people of all walks of life getting down to the same music and having fun. For a little over an hour, Cleveland was in sync just having a good time and all was well. More on this tomorrow. I have pictures and video. We’ll see how good they turned out

Photos on Flickr

Nightlife: Jessica Partin @ Touch Supper Club

The ongoing love affair between electronic dance music and Jessica Partin began in 1996, at a time when her roots were firmly planted in the underground Houston punk music scene, singing lead vocals in a band at local venues and teaching her self to play bass guitar on the side. Upon exposure to house and techno, along with the concept of continuous mixing, Jessica quickly shifted her musical ambitions and began carving her own niche in the DJ world characterized by eclectic record selection, bold mixing techniques, and an ever-evolving style that breaks the barriers between genre distinctions.

With a solid history of DJ performances and residencies at notable clubs throughout the city, Jessica currently heads up The New Pop Consortium at The Mink (bi-monthly). She has made multiple appearances on ‘MK-ULTRA’, the legendary Houston electronic music radio program, mixing live over the airwaves for listeners and in May 2006, she made her Proton Radio debut as a Featured Artist with exclusive mixes that also received airtime on Ibiza Global Radio 97.6 FM (Ibiza, Spain). In addition to previous experience playing at Spundae engagements alongside top international talent, Jessica has opened for world class DJs such as Baby Anne, Randall Jones, DJ Sulli, DJ Hyper, Fairmont (aka Jake Fairley), and Ryan Crosson (aka Berg Nixon) and continues to be a frequent guest DJ at some of Houston’s best events, including the all-female DJ rendezvous, ‘Les Femmes de la Nuit’, ‘Crossroads’, ‘Rotate’, ‘Tastylick’, and ‘Choice’, to name a few.

Her style can be described as a fusion of dirty electro-tinged house and funky minimal techno with a retro dance-punk edge but spans everything broadly from house and tech house to electro and techno. Inspired by what she identifies with, the foremost influence on Jessica’s sound is where she has been. Music has become a living scrapbook of the places that she loves and with each record, a memory is shared through sonic waves, taking listeners across the world without ever leaving the dance floor.

With a hunger that can no longer be satiated on music consumption alone, Jessica Partin has entered the foray of producer and is currently working on original recordings and a collaboration project, with future plans of remix work and the incorporation of live vocals.

With Resident DJ’s:

The Funk Detective

John K

Featured Guest DJ:


Touch Supper Club 4/21/2007

The Presets will be @ Touch Supper Club!

I was recently thrilled to find out that one of my favorite bands will be at Touch Supper Club Friday 3/23/07. If you realize I recently wrote about my recent boredom with going out dancing and nightlife in general in Cleveland, and I yet this excited about a show, you will understand why when I found out they were going to be back in town I screamed out a giant yeeaaa, then jumped up and down and danced around my living room a bit. I then promptly went to fact-check to make sure, that yes indeed, they were coming to Cleveland again and I was just not half asleep, or had drank too much wine or something.

The Presets are a total blast to see live! They’re a lot of electronic, a little bit pop, a little bit punk, a little bit industrial, and a lot of electro. Entirely created by Kimberley Isaac Moyes and Julian Hamilton, you’ll be amazed how so much sound is produced by just two people. The beats are tight and well-produced, vocals are entrancing, and the sounds they choose to put together are interesting. Their music is definitely dance floor friendly. You’ll groove, you’ll grind, you’ll bounce and hop, you’ll shake, you’ll pop. In fact, the last time they were at Touch Supper Club, I personally felt it was one of my favorite shows there ever.

The Presets are not some whiny rock band, they’re not some cheesy electro DJ’s. At times they can be anything from dirty and gritty, to driving or spacey.

So, for those of you who have never heard of The Presets don’t despair. You can find them online at their own site at For you younger hip generation, yes they do indeed have a myspace page (with over 50,000 friends to boot!) at The Presets Myspace Page.
At either site you can find sound clips if my music descriptions just befuddle you or you don’t believe me.

Besides you know you want to see people who look like this:

The Influence of Moby on Today’s Commercial World.

So my husband and I were getting into a disagreement today over the extent to which Moby had an influence on techno (and I use that term loosely, perhaps electronic music is an even better term) in today’s commercial world. I think he was actually more arguing dates and semantics, but my position is that I would largely credit Moby with much of the “electronic” sound we hear in today’s commercials, sitcom themes, sporting events, and movie themes. Of course without countless hours of time to go back through twenty years worth of music and look at the trends it’s impossible to prove. Moby was not the only person to be putting out such sounds in the early to mid-90’s, but he was I believe, a major proponent of the licensing of such music, and the force that drove such music into the market full-force.

Many other sources discuss the commercial success of Play as being what really showed that electronic music could be commercially viable, when it was not previously thought to be so. I tend to think that the cogs of the wheel of commercial success were set in motion even a few years before that.

Just consider that his commercial media credits trace all the way back to a movie (Cool World) in 1992, and well over twenty movies since then(Heat, The Bourne Identity, Black Hawk Down, Any Given Sunday and more), at least eight commercials, and then documentaries, tv promos and shows (e.g The Sopranos), trailers, etc… Moby’s success with “Play” did indeed  somewhat prove that electronic music, though it may rise and fall in the club scene, was definitely here to stay in our media world.

I’ve tried searching and have yet to find an electronic producer who has such a prolific resume of media. I also have yet also to discover evidence of a large body of electronic music coming from one source before Moby.

Heck, I don’t suppose it matters. I have respect for the guy, respect for his music, respect for his ideas. He’s a modern day composer who has caused music to evolve, helped people to evolve in the music they listen to, and evolved musically himself.

Update on the Scene/Ultra DJ battle.

Earlier I wrote about the Scene Dj battle. The finalists have recently been announced so here they are with finals schedule from

Scene has selected 12 semi-finalists for the Scene/Ultra DJ Battle from the entries that were submitted. Everyone has been confirmed for their date… and here it is. Please limit this thread to discussion about the actual event. Anything else can go here

Come out and support local djs as they compete to win a trip to Miami to represent Cleveland on the NEW TIMES/VILLAGE VOICE stage at the ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in Miami on March 23rd or March 24th!


11633 Clifton Blvd – Cleveland-Lakewood

10pm – 2am

Competition begins at 10pm. Sets will last 30 minutes, with a ten minute break in between. Timeslots will be chosen randomly and will be announced 10 minutes prior to each set. After the last DJ of the night has performed two winners from each night will be selected to perform in the finals Saturday, March 3.


Brandon Andrews
Jason D
Jason Allen
John K


Encyclopedia Brown aka Dangermouse
Evan Evolution
Jeff Tritt
Liquid Genius
Stout XTC



Contestants will be judged by 3 judges on 4 weighted categories:

1. Technical and Mixing ability: Don’t trainwreck, and if something bad does happen… how good is the recovery? Does the set flow?

2. Creativity & Originality: This is where judges can add points for flare and rate track selection. Are they just playing the hits to solicite crowd reaction, or are they actually introducing the audience to new music, or preferably finding a creative way to do both.

3. Presentation and Showmanship: This includes all aspects of professionalism as well as how stage presence fits with the music being played.

4. Crowd Reaction: Bringing friends will help, but Judges will be instructed to award points on the reaction of the entire room not on screaming friends.

Scene/Ultra Music Festival DJ Battle (not your average DJ competition)

It’s just about that time of year again. Cleveland’s Scene magazine is hosting it’s annual DJ battle to determine who will travel to the Ultra Festival in Miami to represent Cleveland’s DJ’s and music scene. The finals are on March 1,2 and 3rd at Twist Social Club I believe on Clifton in Lakewood.I was out of town last year and missed the finals but heard they were an absolute blast. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of DJ battles. They usually seem to be nothing more than a popularity contest (and usually with pretty bad DJ’s to boot!) but this contest is a bit of a different animal. Technical skill and mixing have weight in addition to crowd popularity. DJ’s are judged on their abilitied as well as their presence and ability to get a crowd enthused (and not just their friends!)

Visit for up to date information on the competition.

I’m looking forward to finding out who will be in the finals this year. Personally, I’d love to hear some who can mix, has some concept of set flow and direction, originality and variety in music selection, and who is definitely dance floor friendly.