Introducing the Launch of the Valerie Tyler Collection


The new Valerie Tyler Collection website has recently launched. You can now find the collection of bohemian inspired jewelry, personalized jewelry, and geometric accessories at In addition be on the lookout for a new home goods line coming soon.




Introducing the new geometric miscellanea collection!

This necklace is up for grabs right now on the Valerie Tyler Designs blog.  In celebration of a brand new collection, and new store style you can win one of Valerie’s best selling geometric pieces, her Silver Double Triangles necklace.

il_570xN.550451815_c32mVisit Valerie Tyler Designs blog for all the details!

It’s time for Fall Jewelry!

Fall is in the air! Here’s a brief look at some autumn jewelry pieces that fit righ tin with fall trends:il_570xN.581557889_139uSilver Leaf Necklace


Maple Leaf Necklace


Twig Earrings

There’s a big Sale at Miscellanea

Miscellanea by Valerie Tyler has hit over 3000 sales on Etsy and to celebrate you can get super deals and surprises!
Right now take 10% off any orders over $30 and %30 off any orders over $100 (see coupon for code and details)
SHOP AT: Miscellanea by Valerie Tyler miscellanea by valerie tyler

Win Personalized Jewelry from Valerie Tyler Designs

I started a new blog and to celebrate you can win a personalized necklace made just for you! Visit Valerie Tyler Designs to win! Visit soon though because the contest ends February 11, 2013!




I joined swagbucks the other day as I’m a bit of an addict about earning free stuff sometimes. I spend enough time on the computer so I like that this site has a search toolbar that awards me points I can use for gift cards. If I’m going to search online might as well get something for it right?

If you are one of those people who shop online or like to play games you’d like it even more. (They actually give a way a lot of free codes almost daily on their facebook page too)

Now if only Etsy would join with them so I could get points on there for shipping life would be great wouldn’t it?

Search & Win

WIN a year of Shabby Apple Dresses !

This has got to be one of the most fantastic contests I have seen in awhile.  Shabby Apple is hosting a contest in which you can win an entire years worth of shabby apple dresses.  Yes, ONE dress for every month of the year until October 2013!  I would LOVE to win a prize like that.  I’m nice though and am willing to share the contest with you (well, and I want an extra entry into the contest too!)

There are so many great dresses to choose from too!

Maybe “blue eyes”

Or “Estate”

Oh, it’s a good thing there are so many months in the year!  So get over to the Shabby Apple Blog for details on how to win!

Organize your Etsy favorites

I happily stumbled across a fabulous application this morning.  It’s called The Favoritizer, and it allows you to organize all your Etsy favorites!  I’ve long time wondered why Etsy themselves hasn’t offered this on their site, as it can make creating shopping lists for specific people, groups of items for treasury making, and creating specific wish lists so much easier! You simply log into your Etsy account, then refresh the favoritizer any time you want to load item you have hearted and the favoritizer allows you to put them in any categories you choose and save them to those categories.  Genius! Visit to start organizing yours!



The Woodland In Autumn : Etsy Finds

‘The Woodland in Autumn’ by ValerieTyler

Crown of Love VI – Blac…


Woodland Art Block Set …


leather clutch, black &…


Birch Trees Necklace si…


Woven spring leaves ski…


Fox Head Pendant – Wood…


Crochet Pattern Ladies …


Natural wheat and flowe…


Set of TWO, Mini Triang…


antler no.6986


Wood Grain Place Cards …


Rustic Pinecone Cufflin…


Flower Crown Millinery …


Rustic, woodland urchin…


Squirrel and Acorn Set,…


L Wood Grain Faux Bois …


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Halloween Hiatus

Four years running we have thrown a mega halloween party (and by mega, I mean of epic proportions)  I usually picked a theme in January, planned for months and even started decorating in August.  Each year had a coordinated theme.

Year 1: Gothic Gathering

Year 2: Roaring Twenties Murder Mystery Party (I even put bullet hole stickers on the wall, and cement blocks on the front porch!)

Year 3:  Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) We actually held this on the correct date after Halloween.  So of course it snowed, making the bonfire a little difficult. We decorated sugar skulls and created an actual ofrenda for the event and I spent hours cutting those detailed flags.  (why I didn’t just buy some, I’ll never know)

Year 4:  Haunted Mansion (Yep, a lot like the ride.  Talking statues, damask wallpaper, lots of purple and black, candles everywhere!)

I think I’ve always loved throwing the parties because they offer such an opportunity to be artistic.  I created sculptures, paintings, even handmade “wall paper”.  The parties were a chance to get creative with food, artistic with decor and tablescapes.  Below is an example of the candy table I made for the Haunted Mansion party.  Keeping the black and purple color theme made it very elegant and victorian. Image


Sad to say though, I’m taking a break from the major party planning this year.  I put out a few of the small decorations and am debating bugging my husband to get a few of my favorite animated statues out of the attic. I’m just pretty burnt out.  I’ve gotten to be super creative with my jewelry business though and think I’m focusing my efforts on that.  I will say, I think the party planning this year will be focused on throwing one heck of a holiday party instead before all the art shows kick in.