Miscellanea -New Items , Southwest and Tribal Inspired

I’ve been on a total raw gemstone, southwestern and tribal style kick lately.  Peruse the following and get ready for more minimalist and natural designs this Spring!

Chunky Magnesite Necklace, $30

Howlite Spike Necklace, $20

Large Brass Teardrop Earrings, $25


Extra Long Amazonite Necklace, $25


Tribal Trapezoidal Earrings, $18.00


New from Miscellanea by Valerie Tyler

Lots of new items added to the Miscellanea Collection, here’s a sampling.



It’s Pin Day!

Since I recently shared the site Pinterest with you, I also wanted to share my most recent pin additions to my Miscellanea shop!

Each pin measures 2″ long and features a whimsical charm. I can also customize these to say just about anything.
Each $20, at Miscellanea

Closet Craft Storage

Hooray!  My husband finally got around to adding some shelving to the closet in my studio room.  Now I’ve got a much more organized arts and crafts storage space, that’s a bit functional too.  It holds my packing and shipping center, my crafts bins, my Miscellanea jewelery inventory and all sorts of other goodies.

Hooray for lots of extra, organized storage space!

The packing center is all neat and spiffy, and there’s room to pack items right on the shelf!

Artists and crafters need to dabble in other mediums once and awhile right? (Or do we just hoard lots of cool stuff?)

While my jewelry that travels to art shows is in portable trays in my rolling case, my Miscellanea jewelry is spread out easy to see in pretty trays!

The best part is, when I don’t want to look at it all I can just go ahead and close the closet doors!

Interested in sharing your craft or  studio space photos on Art Addict?  Let me know on my submissions and collaboration page!

Thanks for the support! This independent buisness is going to keep growing.

Today I want to write a thank you to all my customers, my accounts, and art show jurors who accepted my work.  I probably should add a thank you to my biggest fan, my mother, and my groupie/intern/woodworker-in-a-pinch husband.  Sales have increased, and I think the quality and creativity of designs is representative of me.

It might not be for everyone, but it’s nice to run your own business.  When I started the jewelry designing it was a hobby, but I did intend for it to become a fully fledged business.  For those just starting out with their own companies, be prepared to give it time. I’m still not at the capacity I plan to be some day, but the growth has been incredible the past few months.

It still is lots of hard work bit it is exciting when that work begins to pay off, and it becomes time to juggle a host of professional things like meetings with galleries, e-mails from prospective accounts, and art show acceptance letters.  It’s nice when finally after years of promotion, marketing, and networking that people start to come to YOU, contact YOU, and seek YOUR work out.

Today I need to visit a gallery and bring work samples, I sent off my wholesale sheet to a prospective buyer, am putting another order in the mail to a customer, am paying my sales taxes for the half-year, and probably should make some more pieces as well.

So thank you to those who have been supportive. Thanks to the bloggers, twitterers, facebookers, and others who have helped with marketing along the way. Thank you for those who have purchased. Thanks to customers who left glowing feedback. Thanks to art show patrons who made selling outside in rain, heat and wind a little more fun, and thank you to anyone who believes in and supports small and independent business owners!

New Earrings : Dark, mysterious and minimalist

New earrings are for sale at Valerie Tyler  Check out the oxidized finished and mixed metals.  They’re sleek and modern!

Collectors Series Feature, and Earring Giveaway

Today I’m featured on the rikrak studio blog as part of her “collectors series”. You can take a peek at one of my hobbies (and my husband’s hobbies), which is collecting bonsai pots and *attempting* to grow some bonsai trees. You can see some photos of the collection and read my interview that went along with the feature.

In addition to the collectors series, the rikrak studio blog is also hosting a giveaway, and I am donating a pair of my twig earrings to one lucky winner, so go check out the rules for the contest and get your entry in!

the rikrak studio

Coordinating Bracelets and Earrings

I’ve just filled up part of the Miscellanea shop with a selection of coordinating bracelets and earrings. They’re pretty much one of a kind, and not something I do all that often so get them while they’re available!

Examining my Artist Statement

So I’m going to need to submit an artist statement for a show I am doing. I do have an artist statement from another event, but I really think I need to revamp it. For some reason I find it one of the most difficult things to write, and I’m actually a pretty good writer. I was always the person who could take two lines of facts and turn them into a twenty page story. So, what’s the issue?

I think it’s the personal introspection. How do I summarize my artistic inspirations? It’s difficult when they’re rather diverse, and I draw on various sources for what I create. Furthermore, I hate to pigeonhole myself as just a jewelry designer in my artist statement. I like to think of my artistic output as more than just that. (Of course, it would sound a little weird to have an artist statement for a jewelry show start rambling about photography, gardening or other things like home decor wouldn’t it?)

Secondly, a lot of artist statements really run the gamut. Some are such pieces of fluff, telling stories about the artists experience in growing up in some remote hippie village or something, or being raised by the world’s most famous crafter/builder/painter parent who inspired them to greatness. Furthermore, sometimes artist statements are confused and blended with biographies, stating awards, shows, and the education of the artist. I’ve got a list of shows, but I’ve been pretty lax about applying for awards, and I’m on the fence whether the whole “self-taught” artist thing is something to share. I mean, I think it’s pretty darn incredible to have played with metal, read every book I could get my hands on, and teach myself a few of personal tricks about metal. In some circles though, I think some artists who have spent years in training wouldn’t bee too keen on that. (Not, that didn’t spend years in college, just in a few other fields!)

I guess I’ll have to keep pondering how to summarize my artistic existence, as I’m out running, doing errands, working on projects, and otherwise distract myself from daily life. I’m also going to have to ponder how I take all the inspirations like below, combine elements from them, twist them around in my head and turn them into art.

A little bit of industry

I seriously need to order some raw sterling silver materials, but when I went online to order today *gasp!* Sterling silver was over $47 an ounce. Now this may not mean much to those of you that don’t dabble in directly buying commodities, but consider that in January it was $28, and I’ve purchased sheets of metal in the last few years for less than $19 an ounce!

Needless to say, there is going to be a bit of re-structuring the price scales of my work.

For those who aren’t particular about the preciousness of their metals, I do try to incorporate some alternative metals such as brass, and even sometimes nickel silver. These items are finding a home in my miscellanea shop. Recently listed are industrial leaves earrings, for $18 (They’d be well over $40 in all sterling silver)