Friday Etsy Favorites: Succulents Galore

It’s Friday, so it’s time to share an Etsy favorite with you. Now, many people shop Etsy for jewelry, clothing and even vintage decor, but there are live plants to be found as well! This winter I managed to snag not one but TWO gorgeous vintage terrariums for an absolutely fabulous price and I’ve been thinking about how to fill them. Succulents Galore has been tagged in my Etsy favorites since there are tons of succulent plants to chose from, in various quantities, sizes and varieties. There’s even items that would be perfect for wedding or party gifts. The only difficulty with this shop would be choosing! So my question is, what should I get?

Collection of 12 Succulent Plants, $36 from Succulents Galore

A Collection of 6 Succulent plants in pots wrapped in natural ribbon, $25


Friday Favorites: Etsy’s YouTube Channel

I thought this week for Friday Favorites, I’d show you more than just one artist or theme. This week I’m sharing a ton of videos! One of my favorite YouTube channels, is Etsy’s YouTube Channel. Frequently the channel is updated with videos in categories such as “How To Tuesday” “Process” and “Handmade Portraits” that give you insight into the lives and workings of handmade artists and crafters from around the world. It’s a great place to go for inspiration and motivation.

To give you a taste of the videos here’s one featuring Liane Tyrell (enhabiten) who creates amazing homegoods and another featuring the latest in the “There’s No Place Like Here” series with a spotlight on Tina Spangler’s home in Luxton Lake.

Friday Etsy Favorites: Silvermade Studios

It’s no surprise to Theresa, Silvermade Studios that I absolutely LOVE her work. Since she’s a fellow local Clevelander I get the pleasure of seeing her at Cleveland Handmade events, and always visit her and drool over her work.

Since I make jewelry, it’s rare that I let myself buy jewelry, but over the holidays I let myself have a treat from Silvermade Studios, and bought on of her leather cuffs. I love jewelry that is a little bit edgy like that.

Here’s a different style of her leather cuff that would be perfect for your Valentine soon

Soulmate Cuff, $48.00

I also LOVE these earthy Hollow Pendants that she creates.

Round Leaf Pendant, $49

I think I may have to let myself have another luxury soon with her leafy necklaces!

Friday Favorites: Bamboo!

I totally love bamboo.
1. I can grow it without killing it.
2. Bamboo aesthetically pleases me
3. It’s a sustainable resource

Today my Friday favorites are an ode to the wonderful bamboo plant.

Bamboo Plate Set, $18 by Soule

Bamboo Wall Art Vinyl Sticker, $29.50 by Artwallproject

Friday Favorite: Feathers!

I’m finally getting back to sharing some of my Friday favorites with you. This week I want to spotlight the gorgeous feather headbands by LovMely from Los Angeles.

I bought three before the holidays and have pretty much gotten non-stop compliments any time I have worn them. I love how they are so unique, and lend a lot of style (without having to go through tons of effort) I have long hair and bangs, but they’d look cute even on people with short little pixie cuts too! The shop includes a wide variety of colors and types of feathers, as well as clips and other cute hair items as well.

This black and white pheasant headband is one of the ones I purchased. It goes with just about anything, and is a nice eye-catching size.

JENNY, Black and White Pheasant Headband with Vintage Button, $15.00

Now, I’m considering getting one of these fabulous Peacock Feather headbands:

Ashley Peacock Feather Headband, $30

Friday Favorites: It’s a Snow Day!

If you don’t happen to see your favorite activity, by all means leave it in the comments…I’d love to see it.

Here’s a few items perfect for this snowy day. Today I’m all the Friday favorites are from Cleveland Handmade members.

SNOW pillow, $12.50 from Daydream Designs

Sterling Snowflake Pendant, $28.00 from Metalworks Jewelry

Snow covered slate roof photograph, $8.00 from Photohale

Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Necklace, $19.00 by Brittany Chavers

Snow Lovers Beanie, $30.00 by LazyTCrochet

Pointed Snowflake Original ACEO, $11.50 by LifeNeedsArt

Friday Favorite: Monet in the Third Dimension

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of functional art.  I love art that has a use, that has dimension, that belongs in a home.  While perusing Etsy I came across this divine waterlily tray by Blazer Studios.  The shape, structure and patina are absolutely lovely!

lilyWaterlily Tray, $225 from Blazer Studios

Friday Favorite: Copper Leaf Studios

I spend far too much time on Etsy composing an every growing list of favorite items.  Sometimes I purchase them, sometimes I just lust after them.  My latest item I had to “heart” on Etsy is a cut copper bird silhouette on a branch by Copper Leaf Studios.  It is absolutely divine.