Thursday Theme: Evergreen Dreams

It’s the week for us to put up our Christmas Tree, so in keeping with the spirit this week I’m celebrating all things evergreen with a “Re-awakened” Thursday Theme.

Items pictured include:

Pine Tree Needles 8X8 photograph by Playnature Productions
Pine Trees Cold Process Soap, $4.75 by Concord Soap
Indus(tree) necklace, $35 by …me!
Playful Pines (4 Blank Cards), $7.75 by Bdoodlez


Thursday Theme: Cherry Blossom

The National Cherry Blossom Festival begins March 27 and runs through April 11, 2010. I always think that that signals a wonderful start to Spring. To get ready for some fresh new weather I wanted to share a collection of lovely cherry blossom inspired items in this week’s Thursday Theme.

18 inch Cherry Blossom Tree Handpainted Pillow, $34.99 by Derilyn

Cherry Blossom Mural Wall Decor, $42 by WallDecors

Obi Buckle Asia Minor, $10 by GamiWorks

Snugglens Asian Cherry Laptop Messenger Bag, $98.99 by Gypsy Rose Handbags

Red and Black Cherry Handpainted Wood Bangle Bracelet, $36 by Amy987

Thursday Theme: Yoga

Not too long ago I heard someone complaining about why everyone was into wearing yoga pants, who definitely probably had never done yoga in their lives.
I confess, I’m a rare yoga gal, but I do LOVE the clothes. (Of course I dance, and Yoga pants are perfect for that!)
Today’s theme Thursday focuses on some lovely Yoga related items. So whether you are an avid yoga lover, or just interested in the style there is likely to be something for you.

I usually love the yoga pants with a slight flair, but I though the cuffs and style of these pants were quite cute!
Charcoal Baggy Yoga Pants, $35 from Moonseats

Carry your yoga mat in style with a modern yoga bag.

Yoga Mat Bag, $18 by ChellaBellaDesigns

Remind yourself of your mantra

Zen Necklace, $14 by EmilinaBallerina

Thursday Theme-Chalkboard Art

This past Christmas one of my students gave me a pair of wine glasses with chalkboard labels right on the glass. I thought they were absolutely adorable, and a creative alternative to wine charms.

Perhaps it is the teacher in me, but I love seeing the beloved blackboard used in new and unique ways.
Here are a few items I found that are a modern take on the chalkboard.

6 Chalkboard labels, $6 by Nestlings (Check out the shop for other sizes and amounts)

One of a Kind Antique Framed Blackboard (Recycled), $65 by Rowan’sRoom

Blackboard Ring, $45 by Evrydiki

New Weekly:Thursday Theme-Birch Bark

I’ve decided to add yet another weekly feature. I apologize for the cheesy alliterative titles for the weeklies, but they make me laugh. On Thursdays I would like to start highlighting gorgeous items that fit a particular theme. I’ve found that objects often are even more lovely when you look at them in the context of other similar objects. Collections can be stunning. This week the theme is birch bark, which at first thought may seem rustic, but in actuality can be so fresh and clean looking.

Birch Bark Purse, $75 by Lynn Cyr

Organic Wall Art-White Birch Forest by Kayo of Snow Owl Wood Shop

Rustic Birch Blocks, set of 3, $15 by CrowBiz

Birch Bark Ring, $50 by esdesigns