Monday Modern Nature: Andrew’s Reclaimed

A few weeks ago I went to our local Home and Garden show and I was distinctly unimpressed. One can only look at so many bath refurbishers, leaf guard, window and roofing companies. I wanted to find some truly beautiful garden items for inspiration!

Thank goodness for the internet though as it can help us discover treasures we may not be able to find otherwise. Through the Flickr Modern Design Group I was able to come in contact with Andrew’s Reclaimed. Operated by husband-and-wife team Andrew and Melissa, the pair create and sell a variety of home and garden items made from wood sources such as fences, piers and barns that would otherwise be demolished. I love how incredibly eco-friendly their practices are. Moreso, I love how beautiful their work is!

Leafcutter Bee Nest Block from Recycled Wood, $19

Reclaimed Wood Planter Box, $60

Nexus Trellis in Cedar or Driftwood, $125 (That is such an AMAZING price!)