Cleveland Handmade Last Minute Market 2010

MY favorite show of the year is approaching fast. I love being a participating artist and I love shopping at it. It’s a festive, fun and art filled day.

This year there is an extra special early bird admission. Come an hour early and donate $5 to the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland and you get a head start on the shopping, complimentary breakfast refreshments, and entry into the drawing for door prizes. (I know I donated several pairs of earrings, cards, and photographs…I’ve heard rumors of cutting boards, dryer sachets, knit goods and more. These baskets are going to be GREAT!)
Better yet, your donation will go ENTIRELY to the Hunger Network, and that $5 can feed approximately 20 people!
Visit the Last Minute Market site for more detail on the Early Bird Admission

If you can’t make it by 9 am, the FREE event begins at 10 a.m. and goes until 6 p.m. on December 18th. There will be crafts, art,food, a craft-off challenge, and don’t forget the open artist studios in the building as well.

I can’t wait, but if you do WAIT to buy last minute gifts, this is certainly the place.


It’s almost time for the 2010 Cleveland Handmade Market at The Wooltex Gallery

The harrowing mall frenzy that is known as Black Friday is a just a few days away, but if you’d like to avoid that chaos and find more interesting gifts just hold off on your holiday shopping until Dec. 4th.

Check out art and gift items from the following artists: Anne Harrill,Patricia Hodson,Joanna Longo & Matt Orgovan,Katherine R Snow,Jessica Levine, Erika laine hansen, Jamie McCoy, Linda Miles, Daniel echeverry, Therese Taylor, Susan Kleinstub , Jen Nemrava, Valerie Tyler , Beth & Isaac Lewin , Barbara Gorman , Teresa Crompton
and scheduled Special Guest Valerie Mayen of Yellowcake and Project Runway.

The Cleveland Handmade Market at Wooltex
The Wooltex Gallery at Tower Press
1900 Superior Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44114 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

I think Cleveland Handmade is the “BEST” too

I was delighted to discover my Cleveland Magazine subscription in my mailbox this past week, and even more happy to realize that it was the “Best of Cleveland” issue. It’s always one of my favorite issues, as I like seeing familiar favorites, and reading about some new great things to try out or discover.

I had heard that fellow Cleveland Handmade team member Jacquie, of JLynn Creations was going to have an entire interview in the issue. Amber Matheson, of Cleveland Magazine, wrote a really nice and flattering article, and Jacquie looked lovely in her photo so I have to issue her a congratulations on a great feature! You can check it out for yourself at Cleveland Magazine.

There were some surprises too though as I flipped the pages further, several more of my deserving Cleveland Handmade team members were featured as well!

Theresa, of Silvermade studio’s rock and roll cufflinks were featured (You’ve seen me feature her on here before!), and the gorgeous glassware from PrettyMyDrink by Chelsey Hill was as well. I’m also a big fan of Little Korboose products (so cute!) so it was nice to see the line of goods for little tikes, and paper products featured.
If you didn’t get the issue you can check it all out online, but I say go pick up your own copy from the newsstands and keep it for reference. In addition to the shopping tips, there’s plenty suggestions for food, music and more.

Great picks Cleveland Magazine! You picked some great art as the best in shopping, as the Cleveland Handmade artists really do rock and roll!
rock and roll cufflinks by silvermade studio

Cleveland Handmade Presents Their Art at the Wooltex Gallery as Part of the Sparx Gallery Hop

Cleveland Handmade will be participating in the 2010 Sparx City hop with one of their markets at the Wooltex Gallery Saturday, September 11th from 10am-6pm. This event will take place both inside and outside the gallery with a variety of artists welcoming guests with art in various mediums for sale.
If you’re on facebook you can rsvp for the event HERE.

The Sparx City Hop this year will feature dozens of galleries, more than a hundred restaurants, live entertainment, and even a classic car show. You can come right to the Cleveland Handmade market or take a free trolly ride as part of the event to check out lots of the other events happening as part of the hop.

It’s a Cleveland Handmade Market Weekend

This weekend some of my lovely friends from Cleveland Handmade are getting together to throw another one of their delightful markets. You may remember one of their markets last year at either the Lake Erie Screw Factory of the Wooltex Gallery. Cleveland Handmade gives you the oppotrunity to find quality local art, including jewelry, functional ceramics and decor, wall art, and more. This summer they’re taking their show to the East side at the Orange Art Center. The event will be Sunday, June 27th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Chris Zielski, of Copper Leaf Studios is one of the artists who will be at the Cleveland Handmade Market

Getting Ready for Etsy Craft Day

It’s Etsy Craft Party Day! I offered to host the Cleveland Area / Cleveland Handmade Etsy Craft party at my home and it’s now just a few short hours away.

The decorating is almost done, the kitchen and food preparations are underway, and the guests will arrive in a few hours. Here’s a few party preview photos:

We have a lot of crafting planned, such using collage materials to make wall art, cards, book marks and artist trading cards. We also prizes and samples from Etsy for being one of the top 50 parties! Therefore we’re getting some screen printers and porcelain paints to play with too.

In addition a local craft supply company, Consumer Crafts donated many tote bags and a darice mini craft vacuum for each party attendee.

The Screw Factory (Lake Erie Building) Artists Open Studios May 1

I’m delighted that I was invited to participate in the upcoming Open Studios at the Lake Erie Building, as I’m a huge fan of the space and the artists that fill it. I’m snagging the details right off off facebook to share with you so you can attend too:

The Screw Factory Artists are opening their studios once again for a spring open studio event. It will be held on Saturday, May 1st from 1-8pm. The event is free and open to the public.

The Screw Factory Artists work in the Lake Erie Building on the edge of Bird Town in Lakewood, Ohio. Mediums vary including fiber, ceramics, glass, mosaics, photography, paintings, sculpture and more.

For this event the artists are hosting an auction of Birdtown related artwork. All proceeds from the auction will benefit the Friends of Madison Park. Organized in 2007, FOMP has established itself as a neighborhood based community group. Membership is open to any Lakewood resident who cares about enhancing Madison Park as a “backyard park” for children and families.

Participating resident artists include: Ann Brown, Gina DeSantis, Robert Durr, Katie Hanrahan, Chad Hansen, Michael Hudecek, Karen Jewell-Kett, Phyllis Kohring Fannin, Marc Konys, Michelle Mowery, M.C. Nagel, Mary Beth Norton, Martin O’Connor, Shannon Okey, Steven Ollay, Ann Onusko, Arabella Proffer, Ursula Ryan, Kari Sanford, Kate Tobin & Dorene Warner.

Visiting artists include: Kathryn Patton (Smashing), Ruth Sholtis-Furyes, & Valerie Tyler.

A complete list of visiting artists can be found at

The Lake Erie Building is located within the Templar Industrial Park at 13000 Athens Avenue, Lakewood, 44107. A map can be found on the website as well. Ample parking is available.In honor of the Birdtown auction, I will be bringing many of my new bird inspired pieces such as this one on renewable tagua nut.

Artist Interview: Allison of Apollos On Acres

I became acquainted with Allison through the Etsy Cleveland Handmade team and was instantly intrigued by her lovely, natural photography. Poking around on her blog I was even more intrigued by her earthy lifestyle, her love of nature, and support of local farming (as well as involvement in farming!) Allison lives on a 5.5 acre farm, is currently trying her hand at apple farming, is involved in animal rescue, takes care of horses….and if you can believe it still has another job! (I seriously do not know how she does it all)Regardless, I had to include her in my artist interview series as she has a great perspective of life on a farm and life combined with nature. Enjoy!

When and how did you begin your business?
My Photography in my Etsy shop is very new! I just started it about a month ago. Our orchard is new too! Last year was our first year in production 🙂 Well…the trees have produced for years, but last year was our first year farming them!

I’d imagine living on a farm makes your day really busy and interesting. What is a typical working day like? Well…weekends vary and can be crazy hectic, but on weeknights, we are pretty much on a routine. My husband and I get up at 6am to dogs licking our faces in anticipation for the alarm to go off. One of us feeds them and walks them and one of us feeds the horses. We usually take turns on who does what. I also have one messy gal in the barn so I clean her stall before work in addition to the evening so that she stays a tad cleaner! Then we get ourselves ready for work and out the door we go. When we come home, it is the same thing we did in the morning. Dogs fed and walked, horses fed/stalls cleaned/ groomed or worked or turned out in the pasture – that just depends on the season! THEN, if it spring, summer or fall, we are working in the orchard and gardens. If it’s winter, we go in to feed ourselves dinner! Our dinner is usually last on the priority line. And this example is just on the rare occasion that we don’t have some crazy wrench thrown into the plan….like our donkey getting loose and running down the road or me finding stray kittens that need rescued……you get the idea

How do you balance everything?
What’s balance?! My mother says I never have a game plan and fly by the seat of my pants 😉

What do you enjoy the most and what do you enjoy the least?

In relation to my photography and selling on Etsy I most enjoy making people say “WOW” when they look at one of my photos. I least enjoy second & third guessing myself on my photos and thinking people will look at them and think I am nuts or that my idea of ‘a photograph’ is crazy!!

In relation to the farm, I most enjoy walking out the back door to the smell of horses in my back yard and Apollo with his head out the window calling for me. I least enjoy pruning the fruit trees (it’s so tedious!) and frozen water buckets. Oh yeah….and flooded barns and mud in the spring

Where do you get your inspiration?
From my childhood dreams!

Are there any must-haves that you could not run your business without?

My husband! He’s the workhorse on the farm and my toughest critic with my art!

What are some of your favorite shops and items on Etsy?
Well I adore the Clover Leaf Feeds Hand Bag by ObjetAdapte and I am trying to save up some extra cash so I can purchase it. I have SO many favorites; everything is so wonderful on Etsy! I love the work by our own Cleveland Handmade Team Member LazyT! And I also like The Ruby Needle and the hats by Pixiebell. Bomobob and Judemcconkey have awesome photography! I love the scents at PosionApplePotions and on my wish list is also a bag by myfreerein made with recycled horse tack!! And I love Turquoise jewelry so naturally I love your Turquoise Teardrop Lariat that you just listed!! Should I keep going………..

What fashion accessory or wardrobe item is your absolute favorite and you cannot live without?
Hmmmm, well, chapstick isn’t a fashion accessory [editor’s note: sure it is, I couldn’t live without mine!]or wardrobe item so I guess I am gonna have to go with a bag! I am a sucker for large purses/bags/totes! I always have to be carrying one that weighs at least as much as a bag of horse feed

Which of your farm animals is your absolute favorite and why?
WOW – this is hard! I’d feel like a bad mother if I answered this! They are all my favorites in their own ways….but Apollo holds that special place in my heart. I have had him the longest. I adopted him in 2005 and he came from a rough past. We learned and grew together. (You can read our whole sob story on my blog!) I have a bond with him that is truly a once in a lifetime feeling; and he is the most ornery Arabian filled with attitude you will ever meet…but he’s my bud and I love him!

You can find Allison on twitter,@apollosonacres or you can read all about in her own words “my crazy life” on the farm at You can also visit her shop on Etsy to check out her photography

Friday Etsy Favorites: Silvermade Studios

It’s no surprise to Theresa, Silvermade Studios that I absolutely LOVE her work. Since she’s a fellow local Clevelander I get the pleasure of seeing her at Cleveland Handmade events, and always visit her and drool over her work.

Since I make jewelry, it’s rare that I let myself buy jewelry, but over the holidays I let myself have a treat from Silvermade Studios, and bought on of her leather cuffs. I love jewelry that is a little bit edgy like that.

Here’s a different style of her leather cuff that would be perfect for your Valentine soon

Soulmate Cuff, $48.00

I also LOVE these earthy Hollow Pendants that she creates.

Round Leaf Pendant, $49

I think I may have to let myself have another luxury soon with her leafy necklaces!

Friday Favorites: It’s a Snow Day!

If you don’t happen to see your favorite activity, by all means leave it in the comments…I’d love to see it.

Here’s a few items perfect for this snowy day. Today I’m all the Friday favorites are from Cleveland Handmade members.

SNOW pillow, $12.50 from Daydream Designs

Sterling Snowflake Pendant, $28.00 from Metalworks Jewelry

Snow covered slate roof photograph, $8.00 from Photohale

Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Necklace, $19.00 by Brittany Chavers

Snow Lovers Beanie, $30.00 by LazyTCrochet

Pointed Snowflake Original ACEO, $11.50 by LifeNeedsArt