Valerie Tyler 2011 Jewelry Collections Sneak Peek

I’ve been at work in the studio and really pleased with how the results are turning out. I’m super excited about the 2011 collections which will feature lots of mixed metals, unique textures and a minimalistic style.

Enjoy the preview!

Available from Valerie Tyler, prices range from $15-$100


Valerie Tyler’s Mixed Metals Collection is now at MOCA

I have some exciting new to share. You can now find my mixed metal jewelry at MOCA, the Cleveland Contemporary Museum of Art. I recently dropped off a large collection of pieces, and they will be available for purchase in the gift shop.
Here’s just a few items available as of this posting:

WIN: Valerie Tyler Designs Earring Giveaway

It’s contest time, but this time instead of hosting on my blog, my earrings are being given away to one lucky winner who visits the Cleveland Handmade Blog.

You can win these modern beauties:

il_430xn60312094It’s really simple to enter, and all the contest rules are on Cleveland handmade…so what are you waiting for, go check out the Cleveland Handmade shops and give yourself a chance to win free earrings!

Birds, Butterflies and Bees—Oh My!

Spring is on it’s way and with it comes the chirping of the birds, the flutter of butterflies and the buzzing of bees amongst the lovely new blooms of flowers. Here’s a showcase of Spring jewelry that pays homage to the gorgeous birth of Spring. sprinjewelry
The items can be found in the following shops:

1. Landing on Water Necklace, $25.00 by fleurfatale
2. In the Garden Necklace, $42.00 by virtuallori
3. Bee Charmer Earrings,  $14.00 by Lillyella.
4. Flower and Butterfly Necklace, $34by fleurfatale
5. Alight Necklace, $145.00 by Smashing
6. Skye Flower Earrings, $14.00 By Valerie Tyler Retro Collection
(that’s me!)
7. Flora Earrings, $18.00 by fleurfatale
8. Lilac Orchids Flower Earrings, $12.50 by Valerie Tyler Retro Collection
9. Garden Flutter Necklace, $22.00 by Lillyella
10. Climbing Clematis Necklace, $57.00 by Valerie Tyler Designs (That’s my shop!)
11. Patina Copper Flower Necklace, $39.00 by Novadesigns
12. Columbine Necklace, $95.00 by Kathryn Cole Jewelry

Some Fleur Di Lis For Mardi Gras

I LOVE Fleur Di Lis, and typically year round, even though I’m not French nor from New Orleans.   There’s just something about the design that is so timeless, so elegant, yet still a bit edgy.

I created my Saint Amour Necklace and Earrings Set to capture some of the essence of the elegance that is the Fleur Di Lis.  (Both available as part of my  Retro Collection)  Happy Mardi Gras All!


Valerie Tyler Designs Retro Shop Grand Opening and Giveaway

I’m now officially celebrating the grand opening of my Retro Collection shop.  I’ve stocked the store with all sorts of vintage style goodness, including some classic black and white pieces in my Classic Noir Collection, Art Deco and Retro Mod style jewelry, jewelry with a touch of yesteryear and victorian flair, and pieces with a nostalgic look. Here’s a few examples of what you can discover:

From the Classic Noir Collection:


Black Tie Soiree’ Necklace, $23.50

From the Art Deco /Retro Mod Collection

scarlett2Scarlett Earrings, $10.00

One more example from the Nouveau Nature Collectionemerald“The Emerald Necklace”

To celebrate the opening of this shop I’m also giving visitors to this blog the chance to win my Gothic Pearl Necklace.  See my giveaway post for details and rules.

Whispering Wind Earrings ~ Reinventing Vintage

While I frequently create jewelry from raw materials, I am trying more frequently to incoroporate vintage elements to give new life to old objects.  The idea is that instead of wasting materials, antique pieces and beads that would otherwise be lost by the wayside or forgotten are made new again.

Perhaps one of my favorite of these pieces are my Whispering Winds Earrings.  I used vintage glass frosted teardrops and combined them with new gunmetal nickel free leverback earrings. The gunmetal, while new still has a lovely antique feel to it to complement the vintage glass pieces.

Whispering Wind Earrings, $16.00 at

We all Scream for Ice Cream

Everytime my husband hears an ice cream truck he yells “iiiiiicccceeee creeeeeaaaammm” in this maniacal voice.  ummm.yeah.   It must be his way or reliving his childhood, since ice cream trucks didn’t drive out near where he lived.  (How sad is that?)  Though, I think it may have something to do with an Eddie Murphy sketch too.

I had a similar reaction to these earrings, but in a more cooing, little kid, delighted voice.  They’re seriously cute!  I have to admit, I’m kind of new to recognizing the potential of felting. I actually didn’t even know it existed in such neat forms until recently (I work with metal, remember!) These earrings have been made by 3Fun, and they are indeed fun.  They’re actually two small merino wool balls, and they’ve been put into sterling silver cones.  Even better, if blueberry isn’t your flavor you can pick vanilla or chocolate.  Best part is, these ice cream cones won’t melt!

Earrings in Twilight Treasury

SO I was happy to be perusing the Etsy treasuries today when I noticed a star meaning one of my items was in one. I clicked and discovered my cherry pie earrings in a treasury that was an ode to the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. The curator did a lovely job, as there was a delicious color scheme and it was all definitely gothic inspired and richly dark.

It was funny as I had thought the earrings to be rather cute and playful, so it was neat to see my jewelry in a different light.

Summer Flowers

So I will finally have a garden soon, a real garden that will end up being tons of work most likely. However, it will be thrilling to have a garden and a yard full of trees right near the park. I think this has inspired me to make some more earthy garden-like jewelry. The latest have been a series of flower earrings.

Wisteria Earrings, $16.00

Blue Bellflower Earrings, $16.00

Because I’m so excited about this garden thing I think I’m going to throw my first ever special through Art Addict. If you purchase **anything** from my etsy hop between now and July 9 (the moving date!) I’ll add a free gift to your purchase (at least $15.00 value) when you include the code “GARDEN” in your notes upon checkout.