Introducing the new geometric miscellanea collection!

This necklace is up for grabs right now on the Valerie Tyler Designs blog.  In celebration of a brand new collection, and new store style you can win one of Valerie’s best selling geometric pieces, her Silver Double Triangles necklace.

il_570xN.550451815_c32mVisit Valerie Tyler Designs blog for all the details!


There’s a big Sale at Miscellanea

Miscellanea by Valerie Tyler has hit over 3000 sales on Etsy and to celebrate you can get super deals and surprises!
Right now take 10% off any orders over $30 and %30 off any orders over $100 (see coupon for code and details)
SHOP AT: Miscellanea by Valerie Tyler miscellanea by valerie tyler

Organized Office Space

It is such a relief to finally have a organized, and natural looking office workspace.  I can now happily work on the internet, list jewelry for sale, and process orders in a more zen like manner. Ahhhhhhh…….

ImageThe little purring office assistant is kind of nice too!


I’m not entirely sure about the mental stability of the other office assistant though who put himself in this predicament.

(Don’t worry, no critters were harmed in the making of this photo essay–I got him out!)

New from Miscellanea by Valerie Tyler

Lots of new items added to the Miscellanea Collection, here’s a sampling.



It’s Pin Day!

Since I recently shared the site Pinterest with you, I also wanted to share my most recent pin additions to my Miscellanea shop!

Each pin measures 2″ long and features a whimsical charm. I can also customize these to say just about anything.
Each $20, at Miscellanea

New Earrings : Dark, mysterious and minimalist

New earrings are for sale at Valerie Tyler  Check out the oxidized finished and mixed metals.  They’re sleek and modern!

Coordinating Bracelets and Earrings

I’ve just filled up part of the Miscellanea shop with a selection of coordinating bracelets and earrings. They’re pretty much one of a kind, and not something I do all that often so get them while they’re available!