Friday Etsy Favorites: Silvermade Studios

It’s no surprise to Theresa, Silvermade Studios that I absolutely LOVE her work. Since she’s a fellow local Clevelander I get the pleasure of seeing her at Cleveland Handmade events, and always visit her and drool over her work.

Since I make jewelry, it’s rare that I let myself buy jewelry, but over the holidays I let myself have a treat from Silvermade Studios, and bought on of her leather cuffs. I love jewelry that is a little bit edgy like that.

Here’s a different style of her leather cuff that would be perfect for your Valentine soon

Soulmate Cuff, $48.00

I also LOVE these earthy Hollow Pendants that she creates.

Round Leaf Pendant, $49

I think I may have to let myself have another luxury soon with her leafy necklaces!


Friday Favorites: Bamboo!

I totally love bamboo.
1. I can grow it without killing it.
2. Bamboo aesthetically pleases me
3. It’s a sustainable resource

Today my Friday favorites are an ode to the wonderful bamboo plant.

Bamboo Plate Set, $18 by Soule

Bamboo Wall Art Vinyl Sticker, $29.50 by Artwallproject