Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland 2008–It’s Bizarre to not go!

Well, the most fun “craft” show is returning to Cleveland again this year.  First let me be a bit of a lame writer, and post the “official” press release first.  I’ll include my own two cents after the release.

Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland, the Northeast Ohio branch of this beloved national indie craft fair (with branches in Boston, San Francisco, Austin, LA and more) is returning for its 4th annual show — the biggest and best one yet!

With over 75 vendors from NEO and surrounding states, more than double the number of previous years, Bazaar Bizarre is a one-stop-shop for all your holiday gift needs — there’s even onsite gift wrapping this year! Buy local, and support local artists!

* Saturday December 13th from noon to 9:00 p.m.
* Sunday December 14th from noon to 6:00 p.m.

This year the show returns to the building complex (and former home of 1300 Gallery) where it all began: 78th Street Studios: 1300 W. 78th St to 1305 W. 80th St., north parking lot, north entrance — accessible from W. 78th OR W 80th St.

Show organizer Shannon Okey, a nationally-known crafts author and speaker, says “If you want something truly unique for that special someone this year, skip the mall and go DIY with Bazaar Bizarre!” As the show moves into its fifth year in Cleveland, it continues to attract a wide range of amazing artists who offer something for everyone.

Now as far as my own two cents:

You’re bizarre if you don’t go to this show. The fact that Cleveland get this national show in addition to other cities such as San Fran, Boston and L.A. just goes to show how cool Cleveland’s art scene really is.  We’ve got enough fun artists here to give shoppers plenty of opportunities to find unique handmade items.  I went and perused the vendor list and there’s all sorts of goodies this year from organic baby clothes, some rather interesting cleveland based t’s, soaps, jewelry, recycled homegoods, and more.  I’ll actually be there this year (Valerie Tyler Designs ) as well as some of my personal favorite Cleveland artists such as Gina DeSantis with her GORGEOUS ceramics, and the folks of Cleveland Handmade will be as well.

So yeah, come check it out and get your holiday shopping on in one cool place.


Housewarming Time and Decor for the home

Well, the Art Addict and her husband have bought a house.  I cannot say enough how thrilled I am that we will now have some space, and I will no longer be doing jewelry design from or dining room table, a borrowed garage, or  all over our condo.  No longer will I have to be writing up Art Addict from a laptop on the couch (well maybe I’ll still do that).

What this means though, is that I now have several other projects to do in addition to the usually long list of projects I like to give myself.  (Why don’t I know how to relax?)  While the house is mostly move-in ready, it’s relatively a blank slate as well.  Decorating options abound!  We also have a small collection of furniture seeing as we’ve essentially more than tripled our living space.

I suppose you may now understand why I’ve been on hiatus a bit from writing.  That house hunt thing took quite a bit of time.  To get back into the swing of things though, I’d figure I’d make this posting a feature on entirely handmade furniture and decor.

It will be exciting to have a change of address.  As our new house is right near a major park reservation it may be nice to keep with the natural theme with a new address sign.  This Shelter Harbor sign from Pear Tree Mosaics ($60) is earthy and natural while at the same time rather sleek and modern.

Shelter Harbor, Custom Double Number, $60

I’m a dark wood fan myself, but I could see how someone would cherish this hand-crafted mahogany wood table by Chris Blake.  It’s beautifully clean and modern, with simple lines.  Those who truly love handmade items will delight to find that it comes accompanied with a hard bound book detailing the tables creation. Now there’s something to put on the coffee table!

Odell Coffee Table, $3,200

It’s rather amazing what some artisans can do.  Such I feel is the case with the detail in the Oceana Demi Lune by Paulus. It’s a gorgeous walnut with maple inlay, and truly has some amazing legs!

Oceana Demi Lune $1,790

I love sleek lines, and could really live with the DIversion Coffee Table.  The designer, Michale Yonke, shows off the lovely wood grain without adding fussy design elements. What I love even more about it was that is was made with “reclaimed and repurposed tropical forest true mahogany”.

Diversion Coffee Table, $3,400

I think the color of this loveseat attracted me the most as it’s a gray twill, but the styling is also very streamlined.  Considering work from Lunar Lounge Design is handmade and built to order, this was one of the most reasonably priced furniture items I found. It definitely has a retro feel, yet looks classy instead of kitschy.

Bokz Loveseat, $549