Monday Modern Nature: 22pages

I love functional art. I love nature. I especially love when the two things are combined. 22pages manages to do both with a shop full of glassware and china such as teapots, platters and votives adorned with handmade illustrations.

As if the lovely art isn’t enough, there’s the bonus that purchases are lovingly wrapped with sustainable materials before shipping. Excellent!


Monday Modern Nature: The Birds are Chirping, Bring on Spring!

Normally I like to feature other items besides my own in the Monday Modern Nature series, but this week I wanted to share my bird series with you as I am so delighted that the level of bird songs from park is greatly increasing. I think more and more of the delightful critters are returning, and I can’t wait for Spring when I can finally throw open the windows. Usually all Spring and Summer we’re woken up to the sounds of birds frolicking in the tree right outside our window and I love it!

Both necklaces can be found at

Monday Modern Nature: Jewelera’s Dreamy Cotton Jewelry

Today’s spotlight was another discovery on flickr and I immediately invited her to join the Modern Nature Design photo group. Jewelera creates very dreamy jewelry including anything from upcycled materials and organza butterflies, but I was completely bowled over by her use of cotton. I love it when an artist manages to use organic materials in a new, unique way so Jewelera was certainly a delight to discover.

Cotton Pod Icicle Brooches – Feel the Winter Chill, $37 by Jewelera

Cotton Field Stacked Bracelets, $25

If you have modern, nature-inspired art consider joining the Flickr Modern Nature Design Group for consideration on Art Addict.

Monday Modern Nature: The White Mole, making vintage new again!

For today’s Monday Modern Nature, I want to showcase how vintage doesn’t have to mean old, musty or even shabby chic. Vintage goods can be ever so earthy, naturally styled yet still modern and fresh. The White Mole carries lots of really cool retro/modern goods. Today I’m going to showcase a few that have a touch of natural style as well!

Even more exciting, is that the White Mole has agreed to offer all Art Addict readers 10% of their purchase for ALL of 2010! All you need to do is enter the code “artaddict2010” in the notes to seller at checkout. Thanks for the fabulous deal!

Vintage Ceramic Bottles, Made in Portugal $48.00

Ceramic Owl Lantern, $9.00 (seems like a steal at that price!)

Don’t forget, buying vintage is a great way to live a more sustainable life, as the products you are buying aren’t wasting any new resources.

WIN: Valerie Tyler Designs Earring Giveaway

It’s contest time, but this time instead of hosting on my blog, my earrings are being given away to one lucky winner who visits the Cleveland Handmade Blog.

You can win these modern beauties:

il_430xn60312094It’s really simple to enter, and all the contest rules are on Cleveland handmade…so what are you waiting for, go check out the Cleveland Handmade shops and give yourself a chance to win free earrings!

So much Motion

I know I’ve been MIA for a month.  Life has been crazy hectic, totally busy and I’ve been running non-stop. With all this activity, I haven’t had a second to post.  While busy, I still managed to come across the art work of Kendra Zvonik.  She’s a painter whose work has a vibrancy and definitely movement. As my life has currently been full of movement, I thought I’d give a nod to her piece “In Motion No. 1”  which could pretty much sum up the last month of my life.

This piece in it’s lovely pattern, is also environmentally responsible as well (bonus!)  as she created it reclaimed wood and re-purposed tar paper. Definitely creative use of material!

In Motion No. 1 $51.00

Find more of her work at her shop on at

Contemporary Nature

I love so many things that are modern. Simple shapes and clean lines inspire and refresh me. I tend to create my jewelry with modern lines as inspiration. At the same time I love things that are earthy and organic, so my home, while it has elements of modern design, has a slightly more natural contemporary look to it.

Therefore when I came across the fabulous jewelry by 3dots, I instantly fell in love with the look of it. The designer Lucie who hails from Quebec, Canada creates handmade wood pieces that have fabulous contemporary geometric shapes and designs, and even asymmetry. Personally, I find them almost sculptural in nature. Her designs are nice and sleek, but the wood keeps them from being stark. She has a large collection of pieces that are unique, and all handmade. Each piece she makes is cut, pierced, sanded and finished by hand and will definitely bring the wearer some attention.

Asymmetrical Wood Necklace (deep blue)