Monday Modern Nature: Wendiland

It’s Monday, so time to share a little Monday Modern Nature inspiration. Today I wanted to share a few things from Wendiland, a shop that carries modern home and garden decor design items. If you follow this blog regularly, you’ve noticed I have a special place in my heart for japanese inspired decor, nature, and minimalist design so it’s not surprising I’d be drawn to these items. These would be perfect ways to add some zen style to your home, and peaceful things to put in your environment.
Whimsical Cactus Lost In Zen III, $35, by Wendiland

Marimo Water Terrarium Pet, $21 by Wendiland


Bring on Spring

This Spring my husband and I have decided we definitely need to check out every nook and cranny of our local Metroparks. There’s so many beautiful hidden wonders nearby. We came across this lovely scene the other weekend walking the trails at the F.A. Sieberling Nature Realm in the Summit County Metroparks. Check it out if you’re local. In 2009-2010 they added a bunch of “green” features, so it’s a lovely, modern, eco-friendly facility.

Cuyahoga Challenge 2010

It’s no secret that the greater Cleveland/Akron area has a truly stunning park system. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park has tons of wildlife, flora and fauna, plenty of activities, natural attractions and miles of hiking trails. It’s easy to find a trail or portion of the park near your home to visit. However, because of the parks size it’s also easy to not be aware of all the hidden gems within the park. If you’d like to discover a new trail, or explore different regions of the park embrace the Cuyahoga Challenge. Between June 1, 2010 and September 30, 2010 hike ten of twelve designated trail segments and you can then turn in a challenge registration form (like a checkoff sheet) to earn a commemorative patch designed by local artist, Chuck Ayers.
It’s an excellent way to get an overview of some very unique natural areas.

Focus on Nature Photography Collection

I finally have had the time to go through my hundreds of photographs from our trip to San Diego and chosen which photos to use for my latest photography collection. Provided the final prints are completed in time, and I receive my matting materials by next weekend, I will debut the photographs at the Masterpieces on Main show in Kent on June 5th. Of course naturally I will have my full collection of jewelry as well. I’ve had plenty of fun with my torch lately so expect more mixed metal, industrial and nature-inspired pieces.

Monday Modern Nature: 22pages

I love functional art. I love nature. I especially love when the two things are combined. 22pages manages to do both with a shop full of glassware and china such as teapots, platters and votives adorned with handmade illustrations.

As if the lovely art isn’t enough, there’s the bonus that purchases are lovingly wrapped with sustainable materials before shipping. Excellent!

Monday Modern Nature: The Birds are Chirping, Bring on Spring!

Normally I like to feature other items besides my own in the Monday Modern Nature series, but this week I wanted to share my bird series with you as I am so delighted that the level of bird songs from park is greatly increasing. I think more and more of the delightful critters are returning, and I can’t wait for Spring when I can finally throw open the windows. Usually all Spring and Summer we’re woken up to the sounds of birds frolicking in the tree right outside our window and I love it!

Both necklaces can be found at

Monday Modern Nature: The White Mole, making vintage new again!

For today’s Monday Modern Nature, I want to showcase how vintage doesn’t have to mean old, musty or even shabby chic. Vintage goods can be ever so earthy, naturally styled yet still modern and fresh. The White Mole carries lots of really cool retro/modern goods. Today I’m going to showcase a few that have a touch of natural style as well!

Even more exciting, is that the White Mole has agreed to offer all Art Addict readers 10% of their purchase for ALL of 2010! All you need to do is enter the code “artaddict2010” in the notes to seller at checkout. Thanks for the fabulous deal!

Vintage Ceramic Bottles, Made in Portugal $48.00

Ceramic Owl Lantern, $9.00 (seems like a steal at that price!)

Don’t forget, buying vintage is a great way to live a more sustainable life, as the products you are buying aren’t wasting any new resources.

Plant a Billion Trees

Today I’m posting a little public service announcement.

I Treasure Terrariums

I absolutely love terrariums. They are so earthy, so fresh, so charmingly cool to look at. I’m not much of an expert gardener either. That surprisingly enough is more of the husband’s territory. Recently I came across this darling terrarium at a nearby Salvation Army store. I think I got it for under $7! A few aisles away I say they also had a matching stand for the terrarium. Score! I can’t wait to figure out what to fill it up with
Warm Country Meadows has a darling DIY terrarium kit I have my eye on. If you want you own they are just $20. Not a bad deal considering it has just about everything one would need to start a terrarium and it even comes with a cute little mini mushroom!

I also fell in LOVE with this wonderful little terrarium kit called “World’s Away” from Augury It comes with complete directions and even the gorgeous glass orb

World’s Away Kit, $28 by Augury

Monday Modern Nature: SToNZ in the Spotlight

I’ve recently started a group on Flickr called Modern Nature Design to help me bring you a brand new feature. It’s no surprise I am absolutely in love with nature-inspired, modern design. I strive to keep my home clean and simple, with elements of nature or minimal zen style. In my own jewelry I attempt to combine simple lines with organic shapes.

To kick off the series I simply had to invite fellow jewelry designer Susan of STonZ, to add this necklace to the collection of photos. She is a master at taking natural elements such as beach glass and of course stones and giving them such a sleek, modern look. You can find more of SToNZ’ lovely creations in her shop and follow some of her stories on her blog.

I often choose items to feature for this series from my Modern Nature Design group on Flickr. To see more items from members, or if you think your work is perfect for the group visit us at the Flickr Modern Nature Design Group Page.