Thursday Theme: Yoga

Not too long ago I heard someone complaining about why everyone was into wearing yoga pants, who definitely probably had never done yoga in their lives.
I confess, I’m a rare yoga gal, but I do LOVE the clothes. (Of course I dance, and Yoga pants are perfect for that!)
Today’s theme Thursday focuses on some lovely Yoga related items. So whether you are an avid yoga lover, or just interested in the style there is likely to be something for you.

I usually love the yoga pants with a slight flair, but I though the cuffs and style of these pants were quite cute!
Charcoal Baggy Yoga Pants, $35 from Moonseats

Carry your yoga mat in style with a modern yoga bag.

Yoga Mat Bag, $18 by ChellaBellaDesigns

Remind yourself of your mantra

Zen Necklace, $14 by EmilinaBallerina


Friday Favorites: It’s a Snow Day!

If you don’t happen to see your favorite activity, by all means leave it in the comments…I’d love to see it.

Here’s a few items perfect for this snowy day. Today I’m all the Friday favorites are from Cleveland Handmade members.

SNOW pillow, $12.50 from Daydream Designs

Sterling Snowflake Pendant, $28.00 from Metalworks Jewelry

Snow covered slate roof photograph, $8.00 from Photohale

Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Necklace, $19.00 by Brittany Chavers

Snow Lovers Beanie, $30.00 by LazyTCrochet

Pointed Snowflake Original ACEO, $11.50 by LifeNeedsArt

Countdown to the New Year with Cleveland Handmade: LeahAna Designs

It’s one of the busiest times of the year, with celebrations and parties, gatherings and gift-giving. This year Cleveland Handmade has geared up to showcase a variety of handmade goods for giving by stocking shops on etsy and throwing three handmade markets. I thought I’d showcase a seller each day all the way up until the New Year to let you know all the gorgeous goods available.
So here is a featured seller in the ongoing series:

LeahAna is the crochet jewelry queen (who also happens to make some fabulous rings!)

Cranberry Sparkle Crochet Necklace, $32

Bonsai Inspiration

I haven’t added a new necklace to the bonsai line in awhile.  I think it’s time to create a few more for the collection. On vacation we caught a bonsai exhibit, so I came home with plenty of photos for inspiration!

Picture 022

My tranquility bonsai is currently the last one for sale until I add some new ones. It’s for sale for $50.00 in Valerie Tyler Designs Zen Collection


Some Fleur Di Lis For Mardi Gras

I LOVE Fleur Di Lis, and typically year round, even though I’m not French nor from New Orleans.   There’s just something about the design that is so timeless, so elegant, yet still a bit edgy.

I created my Saint Amour Necklace and Earrings Set to capture some of the essence of the elegance that is the Fleur Di Lis.  (Both available as part of my  Retro Collection)  Happy Mardi Gras All!


And the Winner Is……

The winner of my Gothic Pearl Necklace is Christy!


Her comment was chosen by random number generator.


If you didn’t win don’t despair.  You can still purchase your own Gothic Pearl Necklace in my Retro Collection shop.

Visit again though for future contests and deals!

Valerie Tyler Designs Retro Shop Grand Opening and Giveaway

I’m now officially celebrating the grand opening of my Retro Collection shop.  I’ve stocked the store with all sorts of vintage style goodness, including some classic black and white pieces in my Classic Noir Collection, Art Deco and Retro Mod style jewelry, jewelry with a touch of yesteryear and victorian flair, and pieces with a nostalgic look. Here’s a few examples of what you can discover:

From the Classic Noir Collection:


Black Tie Soiree’ Necklace, $23.50

From the Art Deco /Retro Mod Collection

scarlett2Scarlett Earrings, $10.00

One more example from the Nouveau Nature Collectionemerald“The Emerald Necklace”

To celebrate the opening of this shop I’m also giving visitors to this blog the chance to win my Gothic Pearl Necklace.  See my giveaway post for details and rules.

Treasury Find: Riveting Necklace

It’s always a pleasant surprise to go persuing through treasuries on Etsy and then finding one of my items in it.  I don’t always manage to snag a screen shot of them, but every now and then there’s one so striking I have to stop eveything to nab it.  The lovely 3FUN (a fabulous felt artist!) curated this treasury “Peach Tree” and included my Riveting Necklace with copper and sterling silver.  I’d never have pictured it in with a bunch of peach items but it worked perfectly.


The Bonsai Line is Here!

I have finally created the first piece in my bonsai line.  Valerie Tyler Designs will still have the sleek, contemporary edge that I like but I am now going to be introducing earthy elements, such as bonsai, bamboo and ferns.  bonsai


The Bonsai Necklace is available at

The letter “v” brought to you by…..

I’m honored to say that my Earth Abacus necklace was mentioned on Kimberly Monaco’s blog as one of her A to Z favorites.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s an ongoing series she has written in which each week she highlights items or shops that begin with a letter of the alphabet.  Thanks Kimberly for picking Valerie Tyler Designs for letter V.  ( I feel like I’m on a fabulous episode of Sesame Street now!)

Here’s a photo of her press about my Earth Abacus.

Visit Kimberly Monaco’s blog to find out more about her favorites, read her witty commentary and check out her art.

The Earth Abacus Necklace is currently for sale in my etsy shop at