Focus on Nature Photography Collection

I finally have had the time to go through my hundreds of photographs from our trip to San Diego and chosen which photos to use for my latest photography collection. Provided the final prints are completed in time, and I receive my matting materials by next weekend, I will debut the photographs at the Masterpieces on Main show in Kent on June 5th. Of course naturally I will have my full collection of jewelry as well. I’ve had plenty of fun with my torch lately so expect more mixed metal, industrial and nature-inspired pieces.


Monday Modern Nature: SToNZ in the Spotlight

I’ve recently started a group on Flickr called Modern Nature Design to help me bring you a brand new feature. It’s no surprise I am absolutely in love with nature-inspired, modern design. I strive to keep my home clean and simple, with elements of nature or minimal zen style. In my own jewelry I attempt to combine simple lines with organic shapes.

To kick off the series I simply had to invite fellow jewelry designer Susan of STonZ, to add this necklace to the collection of photos. She is a master at taking natural elements such as beach glass and of course stones and giving them such a sleek, modern look. You can find more of SToNZ’ lovely creations in her shop and follow some of her stories on her blog.

I often choose items to feature for this series from my Modern Nature Design group on Flickr. To see more items from members, or if you think your work is perfect for the group visit us at the Flickr Modern Nature Design Group Page.

En”lightened” Organic Art

Incandescent bulbs may be a thing of the past by 2012 due to a congressional mandate, and compact flourescents are poised to replace them.  One artist however, is making sure that all those old incandescent bulbs aren’t just forgotten and thrown in the trash though.

SteamedGlass by Tim Witteveen, breathes new life into incandescent bulbs. Perhaps one of the most elaborate creations from this artist is “Professor Alexander’s Botanical Vasculum”  You simply must visit the shop to read Tim’s creative (and historic!) description of this organic work of art.  It’s an incredibly detailed work with an adjustable magnifying glass, and even a solar powered LED bulb.


Professor Alexander’s Botanical Vasculum, $150

I am completely charmed by these unique works of art!  While they are completely stunning, even more wonderful is the fact that Tim has taken recycled art to another level, and also incoporates actual living organic material inside!

Earth Friendly Green

“Green” can be so much more than a mere color.  If you read Eco Art Addict regularly, you know that green also can be a state of mind entailing a respect for our earth and nature. I wanted to take some time today, to spotlight some items that not only showcase  a lovely palette of green hues, but are either organic or recycled as well, and therefore earth friendly.



1.  Herban Lifestyle Gift Set, $48.00 from herbanlifestyle

2.  Vintage Alice in Wonderland Whitewash Bracelet, $13.00 from Firebirdhouse

3.  The World’s Gone Green Bracelet, $32.00 by Lake Erie Beach Glass

4.  Triple Turbines Organic Cotton T, $24.00 by Feralgirl

A Fabulous Organic Beauty Find

I typically like to only feature products made by local or independent artists, but I came across a beauty find I had to share. I’m typically a fresh-face type of person and lately have taken to only playing with make-up on special occasions or weekends. However, I tend to never walk out of the door without mascara.

Finding an organic mascara has not been the easiest thing to do, but finally I found one that might do the trick. Physicians Formula has created a 100% natural line of cosmetics, and part of that line is an all-natural, hypoallergenic mascara. Even better though, the pacakging it comes in is entirely recyclable. When it comes to my eyes, I like the idea of being able to finally use a product without harsh chemicals or synthetic gunk.


Soaps and Suds Handmade with Care

I wrote an article awhile back clarifying that often when I feature items on this blog I don’t want to encourage too much consumerism but, I do want to help you find alternative places to shop instead of giving big corporations all your money.

Now finding a jeweler, clothing maker or artists handmade product in lieu of running to Targets’ latest world collection may be pretty easy.  Resisting the urge to run out to the nearest drug store when you run out of soap is not always so easy.  Often times we like to stick with our normal habits when it comes to hygiene.  Nowadays though there are so many unnecessary or unfamiliar ingredients in popular brands you might think you need a degree in chemistry to interpret what they all do.

So I suggest, instead of your usual, try something new, and try something handmade.

Now pomegranate is a big deal right now as it has tons of health benefits. Of course it smells and tastes yummy too! The Anderson Soap Co. sells a VEGAN friendly pomegranate soap bar.  Better yet, I counted only seven ingredients in it, all recognizable. I like that! If bar soap isn’t your thing there’s always fluffy whip soap in a jar.   (coconut obsession pictured below)  Dennis Anderson also sells many other products including lip balms, shower gels, hemp soaps,  and shower gels. 

Pomegranate Bar Soap

Coconut Obsession Fluffy Whip

A local Cleveland connection is Zaja Natural Confections.  When I took a look at her shop the first item that caught my attention was a dead sea scrub. It sounds incredibly luxurious. Even better it includes ingredients like grape seeds, strawberry seeds, genuine dead sea mud, pure cane sugar, clay and jojoba oil.  Talk about letting nature take care of your skin!

Dead Sea Mud Foaming Face and Body Scrub

In Zaja’s shop, she offers a full line of skin care products, scrubs, body washes and lots of scents.  In  own words she’s “addicted to smelling good”  so she has a full room of fragrances and essential oils.

If you’re not sure about this handmade soap stuff (why not?)  Zaja has sample packs available for sale so you can also try her different products and fragrances before purchasing a bigger item.

I must put a disclaimer out that I haven’t **used** any of these items, as I only recently discovered both sellers—but both have come highly recommended by others and have marvelous feedback about their products.