Monday Modern Nature: Wendiland

It’s Monday, so time to share a little Monday Modern Nature inspiration. Today I wanted to share a few things from Wendiland, a shop that carries modern home and garden decor design items. If you follow this blog regularly, you’ve noticed I have a special place in my heart for japanese inspired decor, nature, and minimalist design so it’s not surprising I’d be drawn to these items. These would be perfect ways to add some zen style to your home, and peaceful things to put in your environment.
Whimsical Cactus Lost In Zen III, $35, by Wendiland

Marimo Water Terrarium Pet, $21 by Wendiland


I Treasure Terrariums

I absolutely love terrariums. They are so earthy, so fresh, so charmingly cool to look at. I’m not much of an expert gardener either. That surprisingly enough is more of the husband’s territory. Recently I came across this darling terrarium at a nearby Salvation Army store. I think I got it for under $7! A few aisles away I say they also had a matching stand for the terrarium. Score! I can’t wait to figure out what to fill it up with
Warm Country Meadows has a darling DIY terrarium kit I have my eye on. If you want you own they are just $20. Not a bad deal considering it has just about everything one would need to start a terrarium and it even comes with a cute little mini mushroom!

I also fell in LOVE with this wonderful little terrarium kit called “World’s Away” from Augury It comes with complete directions and even the gorgeous glass orb

World’s Away Kit, $28 by Augury