En”lightened” Organic Art

Incandescent bulbs may be a thing of the past by 2012 due to a congressional mandate, and compact flourescents are poised to replace them.  One artist however, is making sure that all those old incandescent bulbs aren’t just forgotten and thrown in the trash though.

SteamedGlass by Tim Witteveen, breathes new life into incandescent bulbs. Perhaps one of the most elaborate creations from this artist is “Professor Alexander’s Botanical Vasculum”  You simply must visit the shop to read Tim’s creative (and historic!) description of this organic work of art.  It’s an incredibly detailed work with an adjustable magnifying glass, and even a solar powered LED bulb.


Professor Alexander’s Botanical Vasculum, $150

I am completely charmed by these unique works of art!  While they are completely stunning, even more wonderful is the fact that Tim has taken recycled art to another level, and also incoporates actual living organic material inside!


Your Weekly Green: zJayne Little Bird Wristlet

Spring is underway and Earth Day is coming up soon, why not celebrate both with this darling wristlet pouch by zJayne. It’s made from recycled t-shirt, so you can confidently know that your purchase was eco-friendly.

il_430xn65710725Little Bird Little Pouch Wristlet, $12.00 by zJayne

It’s March Madness by Eco Etsy!

While it might seem like madness to the members of the Eco Etsy Team to offer fabulous deals on their lovely green goods, it will seem like a brilliant idea to any of you looking for an ecologically friendly purchase or gift.

The Eco Etsy Team is a group of shops that are dedicated to reducing, reusing and recycling.  In my opinion if you do need or want to make a purchase, that’s one of the best ways to go.  Currently, Eco Etsy is running a very special March Madness promotion and offering a free gift with purchase.

This promotion started March 1st and will continue until March 31st at 11:59 EST.  How does it work you might ask?  Here’s the details:

How it works…
When you buy from any of the participating EcoEtsy shops listed below, and provide them with the promo code “Free and Green” in the Message to Seller box during checkout, you will receive a free gift along with your purchase! Free gifts are limited to one per shop. So get your green shopping on, and enjoy some great freebies!

I received information about this wonderful promotion through my artist friend zJayne who is offering a free gift with purchase as part of this special event (choice of basic pouch :: OR :: one lavender dryer pillow sheet) from her shop.  Be sure to enter the promo code at checkout.  Here’s her darling upcycled dryer sachets, made with homegrown lavender.


So much Motion

I know I’ve been MIA for a month.  Life has been crazy hectic, totally busy and I’ve been running non-stop. With all this activity, I haven’t had a second to post.  While busy, I still managed to come across the art work of Kendra Zvonik.  She’s a painter whose work has a vibrancy and definitely movement. As my life has currently been full of movement, I thought I’d give a nod to her piece “In Motion No. 1”  which could pretty much sum up the last month of my life.

This piece in it’s lovely pattern, is also environmentally responsible as well (bonus!)  as she created it reclaimed wood and re-purposed tar paper. Definitely creative use of material!

In Motion No. 1 $51.00

Find more of her work at her shop on Etsy.com at http://www.teamzvonik.etsy.com

You’ll go Bananas for This Shop

In my search for all things recycled, renewed, and repurposed I came across the shop  CopaBananas. (Anyone else singing…”At the Copa”…….? la da di dah dah)  The shop artist, Claire has a love of textiles and a good sense of how to give some items new life.  What first caught my eye were her gLove story dolls (from poor lonely gloves!)  She takes those lost lonely gloves; you know the ones hanging around with no friends, that usually get tossed in the trash, and then turns them into adorable dolls!  Her shop has so much more though too from repurposed books, to sock monkeys, bags, purses and these adorable birds.  (and ummm.. and even voodoo dolls?!?!)  I had a blast checking out her delightful shop.

gLove Dolls by Copabananas