Monday Modern Nature: Wendiland

It’s Monday, so time to share a little Monday Modern Nature inspiration. Today I wanted to share a few things from Wendiland, a shop that carries modern home and garden decor design items. If you follow this blog regularly, you’ve noticed I have a special place in my heart for japanese inspired decor, nature, and minimalist design so it’s not surprising I’d be drawn to these items. These would be perfect ways to add some zen style to your home, and peaceful things to put in your environment.
Whimsical Cactus Lost In Zen III, $35, by Wendiland

Marimo Water Terrarium Pet, $21 by Wendiland


Thursday Theme: Yoga

Not too long ago I heard someone complaining about why everyone was into wearing yoga pants, who definitely probably had never done yoga in their lives.
I confess, I’m a rare yoga gal, but I do LOVE the clothes. (Of course I dance, and Yoga pants are perfect for that!)
Today’s theme Thursday focuses on some lovely Yoga related items. So whether you are an avid yoga lover, or just interested in the style there is likely to be something for you.

I usually love the yoga pants with a slight flair, but I though the cuffs and style of these pants were quite cute!
Charcoal Baggy Yoga Pants, $35 from Moonseats

Carry your yoga mat in style with a modern yoga bag.

Yoga Mat Bag, $18 by ChellaBellaDesigns

Remind yourself of your mantra

Zen Necklace, $14 by EmilinaBallerina

Bonsai Inspiration

I haven’t added a new necklace to the bonsai line in awhile.  I think it’s time to create a few more for the collection. On vacation we caught a bonsai exhibit, so I came home with plenty of photos for inspiration!

Picture 022

My tranquility bonsai is currently the last one for sale until I add some new ones. It’s for sale for $50.00 in Valerie Tyler Designs Zen Collection


The Bonsai Line is Here!

I have finally created the first piece in my bonsai line.  Valerie Tyler Designs will still have the sleek, contemporary edge that I like but I am now going to be introducing earthy elements, such as bonsai, bamboo and ferns.  bonsai


The Bonsai Necklace is available at