Ingenuity Festival 2007: Showcasing Clevelands’ abundant resources and more

A few weeks ago my I was able to attend a small preview party for the Ingenuity festival. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with some of the key people involved the festival, and to learn about some of the innovative and exciting events that will take place. In addition it was encouraging to hear James Levin talk about his visions for the festival and how it impacts and presents Cleveland ingenuity. Levin spoke at length about the importance of our regions art, and discussed how our embracing of innovative technology can really impact Cleveland. I couldn’t help but stand there nodding in agreement. Obviously art is important and respected in this city. More so, combining it with emerging and innovative technology and embracing both as a vital part of our culture are a way to turn our economy around and take further steps towards making Cleveland a thriving metropolis.

At the preview I was able to hear about a couple of neat interactive things that will be happening at the festival while talking to Jordan Mears, a software architect for Insivia. One interactive element is called “Scoop!” Through scoop you can make sure you’re connected for the entire festival wherever you go. Sign up to receive news, texts and alerts for festival and you’ll be sure to catch all the events you want to see and be sure not to miss anything important. Indulge the amateur (or professional) photographer in you and use your cell phone to capture anything that catches your attention by participating another interactive element called “Shoot!“. Send your favorite festival pictures to and then see them on the big screens at Playhouse Square and online. Personally, I think the pictures from a participants-eye-view will be so interesting and fun to check out.

In addition, it sounds like this year there will be even more of a focus on sustainability and green living(especially how engineers and scientists in our area are working to increase ours green living options). There will be more technology exhibits such the Palace Theater being converted into the “Space Palace” with NASA presentations, and a “Technology Hub” with presentations by CSU students. It really seems like no aspect of art was overlooked with dance, theater, music, and numerous forms of visual art represented in events throughout the weekend. There’s so much to see and do you really should check out the Ingenuity Festival web-site at to read the full event listings and details (There’s a lot to peruse!)

Some of the events I’m personally looking most forward to include “Die Audio Gruppe” in which dancers from Germany, along with our own Inlet Dance in which the dancers will wear elector-acoustic costumes and interact with their environment using the technology built into their costumes to create music. Having friends involved with the project, I’m also looking forward to checking out the gravity well movement with is computer generated music, enhanced videography and interactive computer characters! “Turkish Delightment” by Brett Keyser with the simulated human “Turmaton” who plays chess with audience members while taking a philosopical look at the past, present and future sounds absolutely delightful

Ingenuity Fest takes place from July 19-July 22 giving you four whole days to enjoy, discover and learn. A one day passport is $5 and a passport for the entire weekend is only $15, and children under 12 are free. It’s a small price to pay for so much!

Don’t forget to bring those cell phones! I’ll be looking forward to seeing all your photos! šŸ˜‰


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