Ingenuity and the “Euclid Avenue Wind Corridor”

We wandered over to Ingenuity this evening and were rather surprised at the ease at which we found parking, and a little lost as far as where to go or what to do as there was a lot of activity, but no focal event that we could see. It was only later that we came to learn about the torrential downpour and heavy winds we missed which basically shut down the artists village for the evening, and postponed a lot of the out door activity. Fortunately with Playhouse Square being a host location there were several events going in successfully in the Idea Center, and the various theaters and lobbies as well as some open workspaces across the street on the other side of Euclid.

We luckily caught the Audio Ballerinas which I had been looking forward to seeing and the performance did not disappoint. With their sunglasses on and futuristic looking costumes they pack quite a visual punch. The fact that their costumes are also sound producing and interactive adds the auditory touch to their performance.

The gem of the evening, as evident by the constant crowds surrounding in attendance was “mindball” a game in which the participants actually control the ball with their brainwaves. Even better though is that unlike most energetic of adrenaline rush games of today, it’s the person who is most relaxed based on their brains alpha and theta waves that controls the ball! It was definitely a crowd favorite, and while it had to be rather complicated in engineering, it was simple in execution, and a brilliant idea.

We checked out a bit of the Troika Ranch performance, which would probably have been interesting in it’s entirety, but I think one definitely has to be into modern performance art to fully appreciate it.

There’s lots of little gems tucked away into nooks and crannies all along Euclid Avenue. The key is really to stop and watch, ask questions and to be careful not to just walk by something without stopping. It’s easy at first glance to dismiss some of the exhibits, but once you delve deeper into them while some still might not be of interest, many are fascinating. There’s even more scheduled for the weekend, and with sunshine being promised for the weekend I’d imagine there is less of a chance for Euclid Avenue to turn into a wind corridor again wrecking havoc anymore.

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