The Art Addict is going Green (er)

So you’ve probably noticed that I frequently have snuck in articles about green living, sustainability, and recycled products.

I figured I might as well just embrace this tree-huggerish side of me, and devote a portion of this blog to green living and sustainability as well as I’m just way too interested in it.

Keep posted for the usual art, design and music coverage but be on the lookout for a lot more posts for ideas how to make your life a little more friendly, for information on sustainability, and of course I’ll still include plenty of local Cleveland coverage (though even more events!)

2 Responses

  1. I love it! The talented Art Addict is going Green! Smarter than a box of chocolates (okay, that clearly is all mixed up)! Go green – soon! Bravo – always a great Blog!

  2. Great blog, and great that you are going green. We met at a “Green” fest and you talked about your use of natural and recycled products in your art.

    Keep up the great work. Another Northern Ohio

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