The Perfect Purple Plate

I love the color purple. It immediately catches my eye, sending me thinking “Hmm…how can I incorporate this lovely colored object into my life?” This is how it went when I came across Gina DeSantis’ Purple Ceramic Plate. The color was so unique, so bold and then there were these funky, black painted designs on the plate. I loved the plate. I coveted the plate. I could not figure out how to get this plate into my house past my husband, I who have no more pantry space for more plates.


Purple Ceramic Plate, $32.00

However, she has an entire line of stunning sushi plates, mugs, dishes, cups and even jewelry pendants. Perhaps I cannot sneak this plate past my husband, but surely he wouldn’t mind the sushi plates.


If you too covet gorgeous plates (or perhaps you’re a mug person or a bowl person) visit Gina’s Shop on Etsy or visit her at Gina DeSantis Ceramics . Most of her pieces are stoneware clay or porcelain, and a large majority are food safe. While the pieces are functional, they also serve as harmonious works of art. In my opinion they have an natural, zen-like quality. They’d add an earthy element to the home and serve as a focal point for the eye. I’d snap them up quick though, because once she hits the Summer Arts show circuit, I bet they’ll all go fast.

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  1. i LOVE her shop and i met her briefly at the bazbiz show and she and her craft are FAB in real life too 🙂

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