Papercuts and Gluesticks, the friendly art gallery

Last night we went to Papercuts and Gluesticks located in Rocky River for a Gallery Night. I have to say, I was  impressed. The owner Kari, has quite an eye for art and has collected a very cohesive collection that looked simply lovely together. Each artist represented however brought something unique and different to the gallery. There was a vintage, whimsical feel with muted colors and dreamy artwork. Everything was placed almost meticulously, from the way paintings were displayed on the walls, to the way supplies were artistically shelved in the back of the gallery.



Artfully displayed supplies and projects

The owner herself is simply charming. She’s instantly likable with her big smile and approachable personality. This is an art gallery where you can explore, experience and even participate in the artistic process. Kari mentioned that there is an entire listing of “offerings” that visitors can participate in. The booklet of these includes such things as soldering for newbies, and exploration making art journals, altered books and assemblage as just a few examples. Don’t expect to stand around stroking your chin or feeling snooty, as this just isn’t the place. If you want to see some lovely art in a relaxed environment though and maybe even learn something new I highly suggest you visit Papercuts and Gluesticks for yourself.

Guests at the Papercuts and Gluesticks Gallery opening

(There were fabulous treats and wine on the table behind!)


See how friendly they look?


Gorgeous artwork!

Papercuts and Gluesticks is located at 20119 Lake Road in Rocky River.


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the sneak peek! Looks like fun.

  2. yay! i’m so glad you posted this! i can’t wait to (finally!) get there 🙂 great pics!

  3. i was there! its a great space and has a beautiful show. kari is also very sweet. i look forward to seeing her shows in the coming months.

  4. Oh Valerie- You are so sweet and funny…the “Friendly art gallery”…. Thanks so much again for taking such great pictures….and again for not posting that “other one!” I hope you come by again and again…I’ll put a pot of coffee on and we can make some art! Take care girl…you ROCK!

  5. Excellent post. Thank you very much for sharing that!

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