Sunday Sustainability Tip: Recycled Paper Recipe

Paper is one of the easiest things to recycle. There are numerous places you can drop paper off at to be recycled. You can save an entire tree almost by recycling just one case of paper. If you want to recycle some of your own paper here’s a recipe you can use to make some of your own art creations.

Materials Needed:

*Paper scraps torn into tiny bits
*an old blender
* a small screen (framed is best)
* a container to put the screen over
*some old towels
*rolling pin (optional)

1. Take the tiny scraps and throw them into the blender.
2. Cover the scraps with water, but just enough to cover them. Don’t overdo it.
3. Now the fun part….blend!
4. Put your screen over the container
5. Pour your blended paper mixture over the screen and let the water drip through.
6. Blot lightly with the towel

Next you have several options:
You can take flip the screen and lightly roll your paper with a rolling pin to make paper, you can sculpt with it before it is too dry, or even mix it and “paint” with it to create pictures of recycled paper. Experiment with different things and have fun!

Kendra of the GreenPost takes the art of recycled paper to another whole level. Check out for instance these gorgeous plantable star tags. Not only are they recycled, but you can improve the environment by planting some wonderful flowers! What makes these even more special is that she uses paper leftovers from Etsy artist Marnie, of Crafterall too (who happens to be having a sale right now—I’m eying an 8X10!)

Plantable star tags in marine, $7.50 by Green Post

Topography in Aqua No. 73, $25 by Crafterall

One Response

  1. Thanks, Valerie!
    I appreciate the support of work & collaboration with Marnie. I admire your efforts to encourage the recycling of paper. I hope people will go for it !
    Your eco efforts continue to inspire me- love your blog!

    Happy 2010!

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