Baldwin Wallace College Dance Concert

While some of you may turn up your noses at the thought of “unprofessional” dance, and at a college at that…I really recommend the Baldwin Wallace Annual Dance Concert. I’ve yet to see one where there isn’t something unique and different, and entertaining to boot. I think the rawness of some of the choreography keeps things fresh.

Now if I can just convince the significant other to go with me.

2 Responses

  1. i invite you to visit my blog, it is about my work as a contemporary dance choreographer… i’ll be glad to read from you

  2. I have been enjoying the dance concerts at BW for more then 15 years. What makes them so good is that the students are doing it for the fun and self expression. There plenty of room for artistic creativity. No pressure of grades.

    You can see photos of recent shows at: click dance.


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